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Event & Webinar Registration Solution

Banzai combines technology, data and on-demand agents to fill your field marketing events and webinars with high quality registrants.

Manage Events From Your Browser

Banzai’s event marketing automation platform allows marketing managers to launch and manage field event campaigns from the Banzai web app.


Real-Time Event Registration Reporting

Banzai gives you real-time reporting of event registrations and progress to your registration goal. Each registration is synced live with your event registration or marketing automation system.


Event Registration Lifecycle Management

The Banzai platform tracks full event lifecycle, including event attendance status, including confirmed attending, unconfirmed / maybe attending, and cancelled registrations. Also track guest relationships, QA status, contact information.

“Events are a core part of our marketing strategy at Bracket Computing and Banzai is a go-to partner for outreach to help drive attendance at executive dinners and networking events.” Maggie Henry

Manager, Field Marketing, Bracket Computing

Reach Targeted, Net-New Prospects

Banzai has unparalleled professional data, including job functions, seniority, and behavioral data to help you find the perfect attendees for your events.

Your Audience, Targeted Data

Access the world’s largest B2B event community. Banzai’s online interface gives you the ability to precisely target your audience across seniority, role, and company details.


Quality Assured for Accuracy

Banzai verifies every registration to ensure they meet your target audience profile for your event. Our trained QA agents handle inquiries rapidly.


Accuracy Rate

“When I need the RIGHT butts in seats at my events, I call Banzai.Lindsay Williams

Field Marketing Manager, CenturyLink

Live Agents Ensure the Best Audience Experience

Banzai adds a personal touch to guarantee successful event turnout.

Email & Phone Follow-up

Banzai agents personally contact each registrant  for your event by phone and email to confirm their attendance plans. Banzai platform ensures full visibility into the event communications.


Double-Confirmation Process

All Banzai event registrations benefit from a double-confirmation process. An initial registration is followed up with a phone confirmation and a day-of reminder. This ensures consistently high-quality attendees, and a superior attendance rates.

“Banzai’s partnership and process has proven to be a valuable asset for driving event registrations at our thought leadership events.Risa Peterson

Sr. Manager, Field Marketing, ThoughtSpot

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