Get Butts in Seats

Reach makes it easy for you to directly connect with your event's target audience.

Drive More Registrations

Drive Event ROI with Reach

1. Add Event Details

Hosting an in-person event? Webinar? Get the nitty-gritty front and center for your registrants.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Bye-bye junk leads. With a database of over 475 million contacts, our exclusive Audience AI helps you define your target audience using the qualifiers that matter the most to you. 

3. Create a Registration Page that Converts

Design a custom registration page that collects the information you and your sales team need to turn your registrants into customers.

4. Multi-Channel Outreach Done For You

We will do the heavy lifting for your event by inviting your chosen target audience with personalized, engaging outreach.

The Right Audience
Converts to the Right

Banzai Audience AI

Engage With Your Ideal Audience Using Audience AI

Building the right audience for your business is hard. With Reach, you have access to a database of more than 475M contacts directly at your fingertips.

Effective Outreach Without All the Work

Connect with your audience where they're active with Reach's multi-channel approach using email, phone, and more.

Banza Multi-Channel Outreach


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Automatic Event Invitations
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GDPR Compliant Opt-Ins
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Automatic Event Reminders
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Localization Filter
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Registration Page Customization
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List Scrubbing and Validation
"Banzai drove over half of the attendees to our recent event and it wouldn’t have been as successful of an event without their help. Some of the attendees were past customers who we were able to have new product discussions with and some were brand new prospects. I am looking forward to using Banzai to continue elevating our event attendance and reaching customers we have been otherwise unable to engage."
Sandy Runner, Field Marketing Manager
Banzai is one of ServiceNow's go-to event marketing automation platforms we use in support of our partners. It is a simple and effective way to extend the reach of the great webinar programs our partners are running to help them develop opportunities and build pipeline.
Michael Nordstrom, Director, Americas Partner Marketing
Excellent experience. Great customer service. Love the concept as it's an EZ button for marketing.
Tami Nantz

The event success platform for every marketer.

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