3 Technology Conferences You Need to Know About

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As a software startup, Banzai is constantly looking for the best innovations in technology to learn how to improve our processes, empower our employees, and grow as a company. Our clients are predominantly in the B2B tech space, so we wanted to share some great opportunities to connect with the tech world and like-minded techies.


Collison has become the fastest-growing tech conference in the U.S. and for good reason. It attracts more than 25,0000 people to watch some of the next great startups come to life. The speakers are a great mix of both tech and traditional companies from the President of Lyft to the CTO of Walmart both of whom were featured in 2018 among other great speakers.


Accessibility is one of the greatest benefits of TechWeek, as they focus on tech companies outside of Silicon Valley. Events are held in more than 10 different cities in America, so there is probably one close to you. TechWeek is a great place to network with local tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Dare Mighty Things

One of the more inspiring tech conferences is the Dare Mighty Things event that focuses on tech start-ups and entrepreneurs that focuses on tech start-ups and entrepreneurs that dream the impossible, by sharing the stories of entrepreneurs that have accomplished things that seemed impossible at the beginning.