March 1, 2019


Reach Product Release: Share Your Audience Profile


Ariel Valley

Enhance your audience profiles with the latest product release for Reach.


At Banzai, we partner with marketing leaders to drive the right prospects and customers to attend their events. Reach's cutting-edge technology takes care of the prospecting, list creation, and outreach to invite and confirm event attendees.

Stew Fortier, Banzai's CTO, details the latest feature updates aimed at generating the best leads for your upcoming events. Check out the video above to learn more, and feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions.

Audience Profile

The success of your event relies on having the right people in the room. That is why we are focused on making the audience profile feature clear and easy to use.

The latest update allows users to share the link across their organization to create the perfect audience profile. You now have the ability to create your audience profile using the dropdown features to choose the perfect seniority level, job function, and company size for your target prospects.

Creating events

When it comes to creating your events, the more details the better. We now require you to include your agenda, even if it is still in draft form, an overview of the food at your event, and any special instructions that the Banzai team should know. We want to be prepared for anything.

  • For all events: The Agenda field value must be at least 10 characters long now (to avoid users saying “TBD”).
  • For regional events: Added a “Food” section to the form for providing food details, if appropriate
    The Agenda, Special Instructions, Parking Instructions, and Food fields are all now required.
  • For webinars: The Agenda and Special Instructions fields are now required.

Organization team view

Finally, we know that teams change all the time. Therefore, we made it even easier to add and delete users from your account.

The team at Reach is working hard to make your user experience as turnkey as possible. Stay tuned for additional updates over the next few months. 2019 is going to be a great year and we are so glad you’re riding this wave with us.

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