New Product Release: Inbox Warmup, Extra Validation, and More

banzai product updates

The quarter is off to a busy start! Here are the latest product releases from the Banzai team. Have feedback? You can let us know here.

Inbox Warmup

All new campaigns moving forward will undergo an inbox warmup period. The warmup period involves capping the number of emails sent each day over a four week period in order to build a strong sending reputation and protect deliverability. The number of emails sent per day increases every week.

TIP: Add your upcoming events into the Banzai platform as soon as possible. The quicker we can start outreach and warm up your inbox, the more registrations we can generate.

Extra Validation

All contact lists either provided by you or generated by Banzai will undergo a validation process in which any email addresses that are flagged as invalid (i.e. we know it will not be deliverable) will be automatically suppressed. Over time, this will increase your email deliverability and make sure your invites are getting in front of the right people.