May 13, 2019

Event Strategies

Amplify Your Event Marketing with Attendee Profiles


Ariel Valley

Attendee profiles can help amplify the value of your event marketing outreach and focus your messaging. Learn how to create yours today.


Buyer personas are an invaluable tool for any successful marketing campaign. But when it comes to corporate event marketing, you need to uncover deeper information to make sure you attract the right attendees—who ultimately want to buy from you. A clearly defined attendee profile helps you determine the unique buying behavior patterns and characteristics of your past event attendees allowing you to better nurture new and returning attendees into customers.

Our Attendee Profile Workbook is designed to help you create relevant and useful marketing that will resonate with your ideal customers by understanding their pain points, motivations, and messaging needs.

Download the attendee profile workbook to get started. Follow along below for an example of how a content marketing agency might fill out the pages.

Need help determining who your target audience is? Download the Target Audience Guide to learn how to find and segment your data in order to determine who your ideal customers are.


Start with the basics, such as your ideal attendee's job title and industry, as well as other common demographic data that you have. If you're not familiar with this information, look at your past attendee data, customer data, website data and other platforms where you're collecting user information. If you're a startup and don't have a ton of data to review yet, it's ok to take your best guess and adjust later.

By understanding what your ideal attendee is dealing within their life, their challenges, habits, schedules, and more, you can better understand how to reach them through improved messaging and personalized marketing tactics.

Audience Profile Example Demographics

Work life

While demographic information can help you form your messaging and distribution strategy, knowing the main challenges that your audience faces at work can help you nail down content and topics.

Audience Profile Work Life


Use the pain point(s) that you determined above and break it down by buyer stage. Write a unique statement for each stage that matches what your ideal audience would be experiencing during that moment. Next, write down some example content and messaging ideas that you would ideally use to market to users at this stage.

Audience Profile Messaging

Next steps

Once your audience profile is created, use this information to help formulate your marketing decisions, as well as delight and inform guests at your next event.

Link to the workbook, How to Run an Event That Isn't Terrible.
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