April 23, 2019

Event Strategies

Why a Clear Buyer Persona Should Define Your Regional Event Strategy


Corrine Stratton

A well-done buyer persona should be your number one tool when planning your upcoming B2B events.


Buyer’s personas impact every facet of marketing. They determine your overall campaign strategies, what content you develop, and the messaging you use. Though vital to your marketing strategy, they can become overlooked as you get caught up in executing your day-to-day marketing work.

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At Banzai, we’ve found that a clear buyer persona can be a powerful tool when it comes to defining your regional event strategy and setting accurate expectations and goals. Here are a few ways to utilize your buyer persona to determine the type of events you produce.

It’s all about the funnel

Knowing who your target audience is and where they land in your funnel is crucial to developing a successful event. An IT Director in the Awareness stage will likely need different messaging and content then if they were in the Action stage.

Develop a buyer’s persona that clearly outlines what each stage in the funnel means for that target audience. This will become your guide for producing an event that makes sense for your audience.

Utilize your persona and their unique funnel stage determine your event's:

  • Content
  • Format
  • Messaging

Mapping your marketing funnel with your buyer’s persona allows you to create an event that provides value to your target audience and make sure the right people are in the room.

Is the location right?

A successful event means more than just hitting your registration and attendance numbers, it is about making sure you’re providing quality leads to your sales team. Knowing exactly who your buyer persona is, gives you the ability to determine where your event should be held and if there is potential to drive revenue in that region.

Use your buyer persona, specifically focusing on title and company type, to scrub your contact list and see if your target audience is actually in the area. A successful event doesn't happen by just casting a wide net and hoping the right people show up. Be strategic and ask yourself if your location is right based on your contact data.

Tip: Keep in mind that a registration does not equal an attendee. We have found that for net-new prospect events, there is an average of 25-50% registration to attendance conversion rates.

Understand demographics

Start with the basics, such as your ideal attendee's job title and industry, as well as other common demographic data that you have. If you're not familiar with this information, look at your past attendee data, customer data, website data and other platforms where you're collecting user information. If you're a startup and don't have a ton of data to review yet, it's ok to take your best guess and adjust later.

By understanding what your ideal attendee is dealing within their life, their challenges, habits, schedules, and more, you can better understand how to reach them through improved messaging and personalized marketing tactics.

Pick a format that makes sense

Is your target audience an end-user or a top executive? Understanding who makes up your buyer persona impacts the type of regional field marketing event you put on. A roundtable discussion might not be the best fit for potential end-users, but a lunch & learn can give them the necessary insight into the product and company they need to make a buying decision. A detailed view of your potential customer gives you the opportunity to think outside of the box when it comes to your event format.

A buyer persona needs to be your go-tool when planning your upcoming B2B event. It will provide insight into the type of messaging you should use, your event format, and your projected success.

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