October 29, 2018

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Banzai October Industry Event Trends


Kirstin Fulton

Banzai's October event trends include event robots, incorporating sustainability and wellness, and emerging industries to look out for.


If we had to choose a theme for this month’s industry updates, we’d say growth. From the green movement becoming bigger and more integrated, to industries coming together to create exciting new hybrid-industries, progress is moving at a dizzying pace. This is fantastic for ambitious b2b event planners who thrive (and find the greatest boost in ROI) from change. Here are some event trends where you can dive in.

Social robots are getting even more social

Yes, the time has finally come. Social robots are officially on the must-have list for conferences. And not just technology conferences, but any event where you want an interactive social presence or telepresence. Robots have been a conference staple for years, so it only makes sense that as attendee personalization becomes a priority, this tech would evolve to suit. Social robotics delves into psychological science, which is how the end product is able to interact, read physical cues, teach, and track an audience. Sociobot is one of the leading global suppliers of these sleek machines, but the market is hot with a projection for massive growth.

Sustainability is evolving

The call for greater corporate responsibility is loud—and only getting louder as consumer response shifts from appreciation to expectation. Since the green wave started, back in 1987 with the ‘Our Common Future’ report, sustainable practices have become critical in the American work space—and continue to be a top trend in event planning. (If you’re still hazy on what sustainability means, read up here.) Where small adjustments like recycling bins and carpooling used to be the limit, there are now a wealth of ways to make your event more and more environmentally responsible.

The eternal well of wellness ideas

These days “wellness” is a bucket term, encompassing about a million dimensions of physical, mental, and social health. It’s also incredibly hot, as evidenced by the insane year-over-year growth of the market. As with sustainability, attendees are beginning to expect wellness options at events, from nutritional food choices to zen hideaways where they can become one with themselves before heading back into the business fray. So depending on what wellness angle you want to take at your event, and whether you’re looking for straight healthier choices at your events or something more subversive, you’ll find creative options everywhere.

Emerging industries

According to IBTM’s 2017 World Trends Report, new industry sectors are popping up everywhere, and are driving the global economy. This is particularly true of “technified” industries like FinTech, focused on the technification of finance, and AutoTech (we’ll let you piece together that one). And this great news, as new markets create new business and whole new communities of consumers. For the field marketer, this invites some awesome opportunities for innovation in the b2b event space. “New industries create new events,” says Ali Turner. “[N]ew products lead to new product launches, and we continue to see our massive impact on the global Knowledge Economy that will support this convergence." Need some inspiration? Have a look at some conference themes coming out of the FinTech movement.

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