April 10, 2019


Banzai Launches New Event Reminder Solution


Corrine Stratton

The Banzai Event Reminder Solution supports event marketing leaders by increasing event attendance rates.


SEATTLE - April 10, 2019 - Banzai is proud to launch our Event Reminder Solution for marketing leaders. At Banzai, we believe a successful event means having quality attendees in the room. Our multi-touch outreach is designed to increase the attendance rate and continually communicate the value of your event to your registrants.

“Getting the right people to sign up for an event is hard enough. Making sure they actually show up is a whole other battle,” says Banzai CTO, Stew Fortier.“We’re excited to help our customers increase attendance rates and convert more, quality leads.”

Banzai’s Event Reminder Solution takes your list of approved registrations and activates an email and call reminder campaign. This process ensures your registrants have all the details they need leading up to your event.

Banzai understands that a field marketer’s time is limited and aims to be an extension of your marketing team. By owning the reminder process, Banzai drives valuable registrants to attend your event.

Book a demo to learn about the different ways Banzai can support your engagement marketing goals.

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