October 25, 2019

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Haunted Venues to Give Your B2B Event A Spooky Spin


Ariel Valley

Give your guests some spooky fun by planning your next B2B event at one of these top U.S. haunted event venues.


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Omni Mount Washington Resort

Location: Bretton Woods, NH

Event Type: Conference, Product Launch, Roadshow

The Space: Known as a popluar ski resort, the Omni Mount Washington Resort boasts luxurious decor, over 200 meeting rooms, numerous indoor and outdoor group activity options (they have 9 ziplines!), and 30,000 sq ft. of meeting space.

Why it's Haunted: Joseph Stickney originally built the hotel in 1902 for his wife, Carolyn. It's said that her ghost still haunts the grounds; particularly room 314, which was once her private apartment. Find out more.


One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Location: West Village, NY

Event Type: Product Launch, Happy Hour, Executive Dinner, Lunch & Learn

The Space: Voted as the #5 most romantic restaraunt in the world by Architectural Digest, One if by Land, Two if by Sea is located in a historic carriage house built in 1907. The brick fireplaces, baby grand piano, and private garden are sure to create a whimsical atmosphere for your guests.

Why it's Haunted: The house was originally built for former Vice President Aaron Burr. Many employees have reported having odd experiences and believe he still haunts the venue, as well as over 20 other ghosts. Read more.


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Ryman Auditorium

Location: Nashville, TN

Event Type: Conference, Product Launch, Speaking Event

The Space: The famous country music venue, and once home to the Grand Ole Opry, is the perfect venue choice to not only WOW your guests, but inspire. Then venue can hold up to 2,300 attendees, and the historic stage creates a powerful backdrop for speaking engagements and more.

Why it's Haunted: From the Opry Curse, that some believe to have caused the seperate plane crashes that took the lives of Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves, to the many ghosts reported to be haunting the auditorium itself, the Ryman has had its fair share of spooky encounters thoughouts it's 127-year history. Read more.


The Queen Mary

Location: Long Beach, CA

Event Type: Conference, Product Launch, Executive Dinner, Roadshow, Happy Hour

The Space: The historic Queen Mary carried over 2.2 million passengers in peacetime and 810,000 military personel in World War II. The unique venue offers a large variety of on-board attractions and various spaces to create an event that your attendees will love.

Why it's Haunted: The ship is known to be home to many ghosts from it's 30 years at sea, from a mysterious lady in white to various crewmember sightings. Find out about the tours and attractions offered, here.


Hotel Andra

Location: Seattle, WA

Event Type: Conference, Lunch & Learn, Product Demo, Speaking Event, Happy Hour

The Space: Hotel Andra is a sophosticated hotel in downtown Seattle, with ample space options from upscale meeting rooms to sleek and modern loft spaces.

Why it's Haunted: From guests dressed in flapper dresses from the 1920s to jazz music blasting on the ninth floor, this hotel is known for it's active paranormal guests. Find out more.


Event Planning Workbook - How to Run an Event That Isn’t Terrible
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