June 1, 2021


Help Wanted: Introducing Our New Event Marketing Job Board


Corrine Stratton

Banzai is providing a new resource to the community in our Field and Event Marketing Job Board! Search for or post your own field/event jobs here.


During the pandemic we’ve all become more aware of our need for connection, especially within the event and field marketing community. People are reaching out to one another, sharing ideas and survival strategies.  

We asked ourselves, how can we help? How can we be a resource to the community, help people make it through the pandemic and recover from its impacts? How can we help people continue to grow in their careers?

Our answer: The Banzai job board. 

Your next marketing job is just a click away. Start searching.

Our core mission has always been helping people form connections and build community through events. The job board is another way that we can do that. Here you’ll find opportunities for event and field marketers at all stages of their careers, from coordinators up to leadership. 

We are actively curating event and field marketing jobs from LinkedIn and other marketing communities we’re connected to. We also invite you to submit openings at your company, or that you know of through your network.

To post a job, look for the form at the bottom of the page. There are a few simple questions to fill out: job title, company name, LinkedIn page, Glassdoor company rating, location, remote options, the date you are adding the listing, and the link to apply. We update it once a week, at the beginning of the day on Fridays. To remove or update a job, contact us: marketing@getbanzai.com

We believe that communities are the future. We see it on Twitter, with all the activity around #MarketingTwitter. We notice that a lot of B2B organizations right now are hiring for community moderator roles, and community builder roles. We frequently see words such as “relationship builder” and “community” cropping up in incoming event marketing job requisitions. It makes sense--there is a lot of value in hearing directly from your customers, in customers and prospects talking to one another, and sharing information and professional best practices.

Events connect people, and people power events. As we emerge from a very difficult year for events, we want to do our part to support the talented people that will take event marketing into the new era. The job board is one more way we can do that. Visit the job board today. Tell your friends and colleagues about it. If you know of an opportunity, let us know, and if you find a job, tell us about your success. We’d love to hear it!

Your next marketing job is just a click away. Start searching.

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