February 5, 2019

Event Strategies

4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost B2B Events


Corrine Stratton

Marketing automation is essential for all marketers. Learn how to make the most out of your B2B event with a well thought-out marketing automation strategy.


Marketing automation is an essential tool for marketers, but are you taking full advantage of it for your event outreach? Automating processes such as outreach, reminders, and social can save you time, and set your marketing event up for success from the beginning. Here are a few ways to utilize marketing automation for your upcoming B2B event.

Create targeted invites

A one size fits all invitation is not the best option for events with multiple target audiences. Marketing automation allows you to create specific invitation workflows for the different groups you are inviting. For example, if you are hosting a conference for technology professionals with a session track for healthcare IT managers and another for IT managers in the finance sector, then create two separate invitation workflows that cover the necessary logistics and relevant sessions.

Automated invitation workflows give you the benefit of planning and scheduling your emails in advance. At Banzai, we create a master invite list. We then draft our outreach emails all at once and schedule them five to seven business days apart. Once a prospect meets the goal of our workflow (they register for the event), they are automatically unenrolled from the invitation workflow and enrolled into the reminder workflow (keep reading for more on reminders!).

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Send reminders and pre-event content

Event reminders are a great tool for preventing event attrition. Send frequent reminders to keep your event top of mind and (if done right) generate excitement around the big day. Schedule reminders that provide useful information, preparing registrants for your great event.

Reminder emails can include details such as:

  • Parking and directions
  • Speakers and sessions
  • Sponsors
  • Audience demographics (industries, titles, company types, etc.)
  • Networking opportunities

You can decide how reminder workflows are triggered (based on the date of the event or when someone RSVPs). Automated reminders make sure all of your registrants get the information they need for your upcoming event.

Planning and scheduling your event’s social promotion is an effective way to continually promote your event. Plan social around big milestones leading up to your event including speaker announcements, agenda updates, ticket prices, etc. Automating your social media requires a bit of heavy lifting and thoughtful planning up front, but once scheduled, you can focus on the other aspects of your event while monitoring the engagement around your social posts.

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Keep the conversation going

Your event doesn’t end with the last guest leaves. It is up to you to keep the conversation going and attendees connected with your brand long after your event is over. Using your list of attendees (create separate lists for even more targeted follow-up), create an automated follow-up plan that provides useful resources and content that encourages engagement and solidifies your brand as an industry expert.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for your event marketing program. Executing a thoughtful automation campaign can save you valuable time, resources, and set your B2B event up for success.

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