December 26, 2019

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10 Most-Shared Event Marketing Blog Posts of 2019


Ariel Valley

Join us in reflecting on some of the lessons learned and secrets shared by checking out the 10 most-shared event marketing blog posts of 2019.


The Banzai team has been working to bring you actionable event marketing strategies and tips, and we're insanely proud of the content published over the past year. Join us in reflecting on some of the lessons learned and secrets shared by checking out the 10 most-shared posts of 2019.

4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost B2B Events

Learn the essential ways that marketing automation can boost your event marketing. From automating invites and important updates, to narrowing down your target audience, these proven strategies can be adapted today.

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B2B Event Formats Guaranteed to Make an Impact

This quick 15-minute webinar breaks down the best formats for pleasing and converting your audience.

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Successful Lead-Generation Strategies for B2B Events

From pre-audience research to targeted social ads and more, learn the key strategies for closing B2B leads with events.

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Key Metrics for Measuring B2B Events

Do you now what metrics you should be tracking for B2B events? Make 2020 the year you're finally able to track exactly how events contribute to the bottom line.

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Strategies for Attracting the Right Event Audience

Getting butts in seats at your events takes a lot more than a beautiful invitation and cool speakers. From simplifying the registration process to setting clear expectations, these are the tactics you need to learn in order to fill the room.

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Event Planning: How to Bring Sales & Marketing Together

One of the most challenging parts of event planning is making sure that sales and marketing are aligned from the very beginning. Discover our top tips for creating a strong sales and marketing alignment.

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Amplify Your Event Marketing with Attendee Profiles

Buyer personas are a powerful tool for any marketer. But, for events, another important tactic is to create an attendee profile. We broke down how to dive into your data and do a past attendee analysis, customer analysis, and more, in order to help you find the target audience of your event. (As a bonus, download the guide!)

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Tailor Your Event Messaging to Your Target Audience

Learn how to craft your messaging to speak to your unique audience for improved conversions.

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Digital Marketing + Demand Generation = Great Events!

The first in our Event Marketing Hero series, Heng Hua Wang stopped by to chat with Banzai's Corrine Stratton about her day-to-day life at Hubb, favorite marketing tools, her demand gen strategy, and more.

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Event Venue Location Guide: Houston

The beautiful city of Houston, TX has plenty of enticing venues and history, making it a top-choice city for event planners. Check out our venue guide to find the perfect space for your next event.

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