May 8, 2019


Episode 11: Break Through the Noise


Corrine Stratton

Guest Bill Glenn shares how his team rises above the noise by having a clear understanding of their buyer persona.


With more than 1,200 companies in the cybersecurity space, ExtraHop’s diligent understanding of their buyer persona enables them to break through the noise and reach a larger audience. In episode 11 of the Pipeline Podcast, Bill Glenn, ExtraHop’s Head of Demand Generation shares how they reach a technical audience through strategic planning and content development. Below are a few of my favorite highlights from the latest Pipeline Podcast.

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Value in Challenger Brands

Bill's embraced the role of both a marketer and a sales leader throughout his career. Early on, he found a thrill in working with challenger brands. Just because your brand is small or is in a crowded industry, does not mean you can’t make an impact. Even with limited resources, Bill and his team compete at the highest levels to win the business of their customers. They find and analyze the whitespace surrounding the industry, and double down on their marketing and demand generation efforts.

The Voice of the Customer

Like many SaaS companies, ExtraHop has a very technical target audience. As marketers, this can be challenging when developing an overall marketing and content strategy that resonates with your prospective buyer. ExtraHop approaches this challenge by working hard to meet their prospects where they are. Through research, discovery calls, and their strong relationship with sales, Bill and his team are able to develop a thorough understanding of their customer.

Building the Best Team

Building an effective marketing and lead generation team means finding talent with a diverse skill set. When growing his team, Bill looks holistically at the business to really understand its needs. He looks for individuals who are complementary to the current team, but also possess a unique set of skills that fills a need. Most importantly, he tests for failure. Bill sees major red flags if a candidate does not own up to past missteps and share what they have learned from previous failures.

Check out our latest podcast to hear more from Bill and let us know how you’re breaking through the noise of your industry.

You can follow Bill on Twitter @williamwglenn.

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