October 5, 2018


Episode 2: Creating a Culture of Community


Corrine Stratton

Guest Mike Grabham discusses the importance of creating cultures of community and giving back within the startup world.


The holiday season is here, and with that comes a renewed focus on the importance of community.

Episode 2 of the Pipeline Podcast, Banzai CEO, Joe Davy, and Package Guard creator and founder, Mike Grabham, discuss the value of the community within the startup world. Mike’s impressive background with Startup Grind gives him insight into the global impact of startups and the value of creating a professional community within your network (near and far). As the founder of the nonprofit Survive the Streets (along with his wife Patty), Mike sees firsthand the necessity of giving back to the community around us. Check out the latest episode and learn how startups can contribute to the community and create a culture of giving from day 1.

Follow Mike on Twitter @grabmike and learn more about Survive the Streets by visiting survivethestreets.org.

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