December 31, 2018


Episode 8: Understanding Your "Why"


Corrine Stratton

Guest Emily Carrion shares the questions to ask when evaluating if a certain startup is right for your next career move.


Episode 8 of the Pipeline Podcast features marketing leader, Emily Carrion with Rubica. Emily shares how she navigated the change from working for a B2B organization to a B2C company. Emily’s vast experience in the Seattle startup scene provides great insight into what marketing professionals should consider when evaluating their next startup, or whether a startup is even the right fit for them. Emily and Joe talk about the importance of mentorship and the understanding that it is not a one-sided relationship, but rather a mutual exchange of value. Give the 25-minute interview a listen and let us know what you think by using #pipelinepod.

Make sure to follow Emily on Twitter @Emily_Carrion and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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