December 30, 2019


Jump into 2020 with the Latest Banzai Product Releases


Stew Fortier

Check out Banzai's latest product releases and updates from a productive 2019 Q4.


Hey, there! I’m Stew Fortier, Banzai’s chief technology office at Banzai. The team had a productive fourth quarter, where we worked hard to build out a bunch of new functionality to help drive attendance to your field marketing events. Check out our latest updates:

2019 Q4 Releases

Q4 was a huge quarter for Banzai. Most of what we worked on this quarter was focused on increasing conversion rates and maximizing the registrations that you can drive to your events.

Registration Pages

One significant feature geared toward conversion we released last quarter was our new registration pages. These pages are designed to make it extremely easy for your invitees to register for your event.

We rolled this out in beta in Q4, and we saw a lot of success driving registrations. Our goal is to remove all friction from when someone has expressed interest in your event to the moment they register. This is a really great way for folks to sign up for your event as quickly as possible.

We’re already seeing a lot of promising signs that this is helping with conversion, and we’re going to keep doubling down on what’s working. If you have any questions about our new registrations feature, contact your customer success manager or visit our registration FAQ page.

Greater Visibility into Email Campaigns

Going into this quarter, it was our goal to create more visibility into your event’s outreach efforts. You can now log into Banzai, go to any of your active campaigns, click “view email campaigns,” and you can see your outreach progress and basic analytics on how your campaign is performing. We’re excited to give you the data you need to make your marketing efforts more effective.

Improved Event & Campaign Management Experience

We heard your feedback and spent the last few months focusing on the Banzai user experience. We’ve made improvements to the interface with the goal of making it easier to create an event and execute your campaigns.

For example, when you go to create an event, you can now check off whether or not you want to run reminder and/or confirmation campaigns (this used to be a much more manual process). Once checked, the app will automatically populate and schedule the designated campaigns.

Configure your own sending domain

One of my favorite updates from the past quarter is the ability to configure your own sending domain directly in the Banzai app. You can choose to send from an established, warmed up Banzai domain, or you can send from a domain that you own that you want to leverage for its existing deliverability. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to learn how we can make this work for you.

2020 Product Outlook

With our productive Q4 in the rear-view mirror, we’re looking ahead to 2020. As we look at our 2020 product roadmap, we’re using feedback from our customers to inform the improvements we’re planning over the next few quarters.

As you’d expect, all of our customers want more registrations. We hear that loud and clear, and our focus in 2020 is primarily on increasing the effectiveness of Banzai as an outreach channel for you.

We plan to optimize our outreach in two major ways:

  • Improve our existing outreach channels
  • Introduce new outreach channels

Book a demo with the team to learn all about our latest updates. More to come from the Banzai team in 2020!

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