June 4, 2019


Top 10 Resources for Field Marketers


Garrett Walker

Check out our top 10 field marketing resources for ideas and strategies to boost your event ROI.


Whether constructing an event, designing a campaign, managing a team, or anything in between, there’s always much to learn. Luckily, as a community of marketers we can (and should) learn from each other’s insights. Join the discourse and check out these great marketing resources.

Bizible Blog

The Bizible Blog is a straightforward, information-driven resource that can provide your team with insights and data from the perspective of marketing-driven growth. Featuring content like survey data, book reviews, guides and job boards, you and your team can increase your knowledge one post at a time.

With their consistent production of varied content, the Bizible Blog is a versatile resource for your entire marketing team. Whether it be using direct mail, measuring ABM, or creating content, Bizible produces actionable insights on a wide range of topics.

Check out the Bizible Blog for unmatched visibility, smarter decisions, and boundless growth.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot is a gold standard in inbound marketing and sales and so is their blog. Featuring content relevant to various aspects of the marketer’s life, from email tip lists and interview advice to Instagram marketing and SEO optimization, the HubSpot Marketing Blog is a library of easy-to-access resources to help you and your marketing team.

In addition to useful content, the blog provides template guides and many ‘How to’ articles, like How to Build a Landing Page. It also offers an opportunity to see what other marketers are reading with the ‘Most Popular’ section, and occasionally an article just for fun, like The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet in 2019.

Get insight, ideas, and inspiration for the modern marketer with the HubSpot Marketing Blog.

HubSpot Sales Blog

Unsurprisingly, HubSpot has also translated their expertise into a sales blog. Like their marketing blog, the HubSpot Sales Blog provides its readers with top-of-the-line tools and insights for a multitude of obstacles sales professionals face daily.

Offering free content like sales scripts guides, planning models, and tool reviews, in addition to mentioning how long each post should take to read, HubSpot has something for every member of your sales team.

As marketing and sales merge into Smarketing, resources like the HubSpot blog are imperative to anyone in sales or marketing. Check out the HubSpot Sales Blog to sell smarter, better, and faster.


IMPACT is an essential resource for anyone in marketing.

Whether it be research into social media, preparation for interviews, content creation tips, advice for team leaders, techniques for balancing work with life, or anything in between, IMPACT has something useful and unique for every member of your team.

Featuring two sections of content: Strategies and Tactics, and Tools and Technologies, IMPACT provides videos, news articles, guides, several podcasts, live events, and a monthly update they call The Latest, which provides “everything you need to know” in less than 5 minutes!

Impact and its immense library are here to help your organization succeed.

Daily Carnage Newsletter

If you’re looking for a fun, casual, and above all informative resource, the Daily Carnage Newsletter is for you. Each email offers multiple sections of helpful information, like ‘tactics,’ and ‘tools,’ covering topics such as email crafting, social media development, and SEO optimization.

Additionally, each letter contains a daily news section with brief facts related to marketing called ‘Be in the Know,’ as well as a daily video and an ‘Add from the Past’ to provide comic relief and/or spark inspiration sent right to your inbox every morning.

Subscribe to the Daily Carnage Newsletter and be the sharpest marketer in the room.

Marketo Blog

Through their account-based approach, Marketo has solidified themselves as a thought leader in the marketing world, and the Marketo Blog is a gold mine of useful content and information.

The Marketo Blog is at the forefront of all things marketing, covering a range of topics from video advertising and asset management marketing to championing women in tech. As a place to mine content, or simply to learn, the Marketo Blog has something to offer and your team.

Through visiting the site or signing up for daily and/or weekly updates, Marketo provides an immense library of varied content—lists, guides, ‘how to’ posts, etc.—in multiple subjects like demand generation, engagement marketing, professional development, and branding.

Begin to master digital marketing with the Marketo Blog.

Bizzabo Blog

The Bizzabo Blog is a necessary tool for leaders in field and event marketing. Bizzabo provides marketers with the tools they need to develop their events, and this begins with their blog.

Jam-packed with posts on suggested venues, event ideas (with examples!), and lists of events to attend for all kinds of marketers, Bizzabo achieves its goal of delivering “inspiring content for event professionals.”

With multiple posts per week, you and your team can turn to the Bizzabo blog with any event in mind. Whether you’re looking for the top venues in Las Vegas, imaginative event ideas, or event software tools, you’ll always find something useful.

Event Manager Blog

Founded by Julius Solaris, EventMB is for event professionals around the world.

Event Manager Blog is a cutting-edge resource for field and event marketers that has taken what it means to be a blog to the next level. Featuring tactical videos, multiple free resources (like reports), and webinars on-demand, EventMB is the place to be for tips, tricks, and actionable content for your event marketing.

While there is material for all, most of EventMB’s content is for members only. However, a simple sign-up requiring minimal information will give you access to all the EventMB content as well as over 60 free templates!

Subscribe to Event Manager Blog—the intelligence platform to run better events.

Drift Podcast: Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom is an all-in-one marketing podcast hosted by industry thought leaders, David Cancel and Dave Gerhardt, where they go beyond the everyday marketing questions like which templates to use and how to craft emails.

Cancel and Gerhardt address topics relevant to the life of a marketer with episodes like ‘How to Get Hired by People Who Don’t Want to Hire You,’ ‘Comfort is the Enemy of Growth,’ and ‘The $4.6B Lead Engagement Problem,’ with multiple listening options including iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.

The team also provides behind the scenes videos, so you can get to know them, their guests, and their podcast better.

Listen to Seeking Wisdom and begin getting better every day.

Demand Gen Chat Podcast

Demand Gen is all about helping you get more out of your marketing.

The Demand Gen Chat Podcast, hosted by Emil Shour, covers marketing and sales topics, often by bringing in industry thought leaders to discuss how various tactics have worked for them in their enterprises.

Hosting an eclectic variety of experts from around the world (including Seeking Wisdom’s Dave Gerhardt) and interviewing them about their organizations, their experiences in marketing and sales, and various things occurring in their professional lives, Demand Gen Chat brings in-depth, global marketing conversations to you.

Download the Demand Gen Chat Podcast and start converting leads today.

Bonus: The Banzai Blog

The Banzai blog offers valuable content and thought leadership at the forefront of B2B event marketing. Stay engaged with the latest engagement and event marketing insights from Banzai.

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