October 6, 2021

Event Strategies

Guess What?! You’re Probably An Event Marketer


Corrine Stratton

Explore the different roles that make up event marketers.


In honor of Event Marketing Month, the team at Banzai is taking a look at the many different roles that make up event marketing.

Interested in a career in event marketing? You may have more options than you think. Event Marketers don’t always have ‘event marketing’ in their title. This blog will break down the many roles of modern event marketers and how they use events to hit their goals. We’ll review:

  • Field Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Partner Marketing
  • Demand Generation
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Field Marketer → The Maverick

What does a Field Marketer do?

Field Marketers do it all. They are like mini-marketing teams supporting their brand or product around the world. They work closely with their sales, product, and demand gen teams to add new, qualified leads to their revenue pipeline. Field marketers are experts in building multi-faceted marketing campaigns that incorporate events, email, collateral, and more. 

Pre-pandemic, field marketers truly lived up to their “field” title. They were jet setters--traveling, hosting events, meeting prospects, and providing their regional sales team with the tools and assets needed to hit their revenue goals. Today’s field marketing looks a little different, but is no less impactful. For some, there is a renewed focus on customer retention. For others, it’s about embracing account based marketing (ABM). No matter what, events are still a crucial channel for building relationships and communicating with your audience. 

How Field Marketers Use Events

Field Marketers will often own a marketing campaign from beginning to end and use events to help meet their campaign goals. Pre-pandemic you could find field marketers hosting multiple events every week, from dinners, to golf tournaments, to VIP viewings. In-person events were essential to forming relationships and getting regional sales reps in front of the right audience. A field marketer might run point on:

  • Event logistics
  • Event outreach and invites
  • Event messaging and content
  • Event sponsorship
  • Event sales collateral 
  • Event metrics
  • The entire event from start to finish

Virtual events may have taken the “field” out of field marketing, but they are still an important tool in a field marketer’s tool belt. The shift to virtual has brought a renewed focus to creating the right experience for your audience--event or not.

Field Marketing Resources

Here are a few of our favorite field marketing resources:

Content Marketer → The Artist

What does a Content Marketer do?

Content Marketers know a lot about a lot. They are product and brand experts. They know how to increase conversions and they understand how a well-done content strategy can set a brand apart. Content Marketers may be individual writers/creators or they may own an organization's entire content strategy. They often manage complicated content calendars that consist of a variety of mediums including video, social, email, blogs, and more. 

Content Marketers are known for taking complex concepts and translating them into actionable marketing messages. They’ve done the research and they know what keeps their target audience up at night. To be a great Content Marketer, a person needs to ask questions, simplify topics, and actively increase their knowledge of the industry.

How Content Marketers Use Events

Events are an awesome way to distribute content to a targeted audience. Content Marketers may be pulled in to develop the content that will shape the event including:

  • Session overviews
  • Talking points
  • Speaking sessions
  • Supporting content (slide decks, white papers, sales collateral)
  • Outreach emails 
  • Website copy
  • Promotional content

Content Marketers use events to create brand new content by attending a session(s) and hearing directly from their target audience. They take inspiration from the topics and generate content ideas from the Q&As. Events offer an incredible opportunity for Content Marketers to walk away with a deeper understanding of their audience and a suitcase full of new content ideas. They may even get to connect with a customer or speaker and interview them for a future piece!

Content Marketing Resources

Here are a few of our favorite Content Marketing resources:

Partner Marketer → The Diplomat

What does a Partner Marketer do?

A strong partner marketing program can be a top performing channel for a brand. Partner Marketers work with partners to create joint marketing campaigns that drive pipeline. They empower partners with the messaging, collateral, and information needed to execute successful campaigns. Partner Marketers constantly seek new opportunities and develop effective strategies to expand their partnerships.

How Partner Marketers Use Events

Through partnerships, Partner Marketers use events to get their brand in front of new, qualified audiences. An event partnership may look like:

  • Paid sponsorship
  • Co-marketing agreements
  • peaking opportunities

Partner Marketers create promotional packages for their partners to help them promote their events. In turn, partners find value through increased brand awareness. There might also be agreements in place, such as lead sharing, that entice partners to drive registrations to events.

Partner Marketing Resources

Here are a few of our favorite Partner Marketing resources:

Demand Gen → The Wizard

What does a Demand Gen Marketer do?

A Demand Gen Marketer understands the power of a great nurture campaign. They know how to use a variety of channels such as events, paid social, paid search, email, and more to connect with their ideal customer profile (ICP). Once they reach new contacts, they continue to provide content and experiences that move the leads through the marketing pipeline. 

Demand Gen Marketers are always trying new things. They know the importance of testing, learning, and revamping to get the right content in front of their target audience. 

How Demand Gen Marketers Use Events

Events are a great top of funnel marketing channel used by Demand Gen Marketers to add new leads to their marketing pipeline. Large events and webinars provide audiences with thought leadership and content aimed at helping people grow in their profession. Events can also be used to share free tools and provide additional content to attendees to help keep the brand front and center. 

Demand Gen Marketers can continue to connect with registrants long after an event is over through designated nurture campaigns. They can follow up on the sessions someone attended or the asset someone downloaded to offer additional relevant content. They can also create specific campaigns aimed at registrants who did not attend an event. Each marketing touch can increase brand affinity and move strong leads further through the marketing funnel.

Demand Gen Marketing Resources

Here are a few of our favorite Demand Gen Marketing resources:

Interested in a career in event marketing? Check out our job board to see the many different ways to be an event marketer.

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