April 8, 2020


6 Ways to Stay Happy & Productive While Working From Home


Ariel Valley

Working from home can be difficult. We put together our top tips for staying happy and productive during these uncertain times.


Field marketers and event teams are active, social people. They thrive off the human interaction that in-person events offer, and crave the feeling of an energetic crowd. The hectic planning process is almost fun.

But during these uncertain times, when those vital human connections are limited, keeping the same level of positivity at work can be difficult. Give these tips a try for helping you stay happy and productive while you're working from home.


Get Active

1. Get Active

When you're working from home, it's easy to get so focused that the whole day passes by and realize you haven't moved off the couch or eaten. Whether you're going for a walk, doing yoga, or fitting in a quick cardio session, staying active is vital. A study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found
that just 10 minutes a day of walking can make a life-changing impact.

Peaceful Space

2. Find a Peaceful Space

Doing your best work at home means creating a space that's fit for your needs. Clear out the clutter and find somewhere that's free of noise and distractions.

Tip: Make sure to include some of your favorite items! Put out collectible figurines from your favorite shows, vacation finds, family photos, and other items that bring you joy to look at throughout the day and spark creativity.

Remember to Eat

3. Remember to Eat

When you're able to, take at least one break throughout the day to eat a healthy meal. It's easy to forget about a lunch break or skip it altogether when you're working from home, but this ritual is vital for keeping your soul and body happy.

Tip: Make lunchtime more exciting by planning meals ahead of time. Do you usually have Taco Tuesdays when working in the office? Make a plan to still have Taco Tuesdays from home!

Learn Something New

4. Learn Something New

One of the downsides of working from home is that it can start to feel very repetitive. By not leaving the house, you're not exposing yourself to any new things that might happen. This is where learning a new skill can really help to break up your time. From starting a podcast, taking a class that improves your work skills, to perfecting your baking skills, learning is key to keeping your brain happy and engaged.

Make Time for Hobbies

5. Make Time for Hobbies

We all have activities that we need to do in order to keep our sanity. But when work and life gets hectic, it can be difficult to find time for them. When you're working from home, making time for hobbies is even more important for establishing a healthy work/life balance.

Stimulate Your Mind

6. Stimulate Your Mind

Whether we're always aware of it or not, our surroundings and what we're hearing have an impact on our mood. When you're working from home, find a variety of things to listen to throughout the day. When you need to focus, ocean and nature sounds are great. If you need to be creative, put on your favorite music. Looking to be inspired? Find a podcast. No matter what you choose, just remember to avoid subjects and tones that might trigger negative emotions.

What are other great tips for staying happy and productive while working from home? Let us know! marketing@banzai.io.

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