Build Pipeline: Conferences

Banzai helps you maximize the ROI of your conference investment through targeted, pre-conference outreach.

Solution: Improve conference attendance and pre-set meetings prior to conferences.

Solutions for Conference Hosts (Increasing Conference Attendance)

Hosting a conference is a terrific way to engage with your existing customer base and potentailly new customers and partners. Banzai helps increase attendance and improve pre and post-event engagement with your target audience.

  • Reach targeted leads to increase attendance and ensure a full room.
  • Improve followup pre and post-conference to maximize opportunities for account management and sales.

Solutions for Conference Attendees (Build Relationships Pre-Event)

Attending or sponsoring a conference can be a great tool for connecting with your industry and fostering relationships. Banzai can maximize your teams ability to engage at events by conducting pre-event outreach to ensure your team has meetings before the conference even begins.

  • Identify and reach conference attendees pre-event to schedule meetings such as executive briefings.
  • Followup post-event to ensure no missed opportunities.


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