Engagement: Another Word For Events


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March 10, 2022

11:00 AM ET

Engagement: Another Word For Events

Event ROI is amplified when you lean into the humanness you share with your audience. We'll explain how in this webinar.

You spent hours crafting the perfect event, but your ROI leaves something to be desired.

It’s not your event.

It’s how you USE it to connect to your audience.

We’ve lost touch with the human side of marketing and running events. This often results in your efforts falling short.

But all hope is not lost! Join us for our upcoming webinar, Engagement: Another Word for Events and learn how you’ll maximize revenue when you effectively connect.

In this session, we’ll share easy tips for crafting webinars that:

👉  Build trust and alliance with your audience
👉  Inspire action
👉  Make an impact on marketing goals

Forget everything you know about running events to connect with LEADS; start running events that connect with HUMANS. 


Taylor Karas, Marketing Associate, Banzai