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"Banzai is an easy to use, all-in-one tool for our partner's event needs. The platform takes on the heavy lifting of event marketing and drives valuable attendees to their events."
Meagan Dollins
"Banzai drove over half of the attendees to our recent event and it wouldn’t have been as successful of an event without their help. Some of the attendees were past customers who we were able to have new product discussions with and some were brand new prospects. I am looking forward to using Banzai to continue elevating our event attendance and reaching customers we have been otherwise unable to engage."
Sandy Runner, Field Marketing Manager
"Banzai reminders help us maximize attendance, our in-person experience and strategic engagement opportunities for our field teams and their targeted accounts. Banzai’s team of specialists uses personalized touch and verbal outreach to confirm our guests on-site attendance – an excellent service that ensures our events are a true success."
Scott Kosciuk
"Demio is a fantastic platform for webinars and virtual events. I definitely recommend it for marketers looking to make an impact in the new virtual world."
Micah Neidhart, Sr. Developer Marketing Manager, HubSpot

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