Nutshell recognized a 60% trial conversion rate with Demio’s automated webinars.

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Demio is a fantastic platform for webinars and virtual events. I definitely recommend it for marketers looking to make an impact in the new virtual world.

Micah Neidhart
Sr. Developer Marketing Manager, Hubspot

I'm a Banzai lover. I can always depend on Banzai to get us qualified leads no matter the geography. They are a great addition to our own marketing efforts.

Sara Lopatin
Director of Marketing, Events, Argyle

Having used every other webinar software, Demio is the best for marketers and in my opinion the end-users as well. Everything looks good, makes sense, and the features are pretty cool.

Bryn Tardent-Powell
Growth Marketer, Tanda

Great service for field marketing! Banzai is awesome. Banzai overall has made my life doing field marketing incredibly easy, especially as it relates to targeting specific companies or personas and getting them to register for my events.

Bhargav Brahmbhatt
Field Marketing Manager, Yotascale

Our registration rate for prospect event attendance went from 20% to 60% after using Banzai.

Jaana Linsenmayer
Former Sr. Director, Partner & Field Marketing, Nintex

Banzai drove over half of the attendees to our recent event and it wouldn’t have been as successful of an event without their help. Some of the attendees were past customers who we were able to have new product discussions with and some were brand new prospects. I am looking forward to using Banzai to continue elevating our event attendance and reaching customers we have been otherwise unable to engage.

Sandy Runner
Field Marketing Manager, Micro Focus

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Our Raving Fans

Greg Jenkins

Founder @ Monkeypod Marketing

Twitter icon

Hey @meetdemio - are your ears burning? Cuz I’m over here tellin’ everyone aboutcha:


mother of @getcyco, co-host of @ciscosecure

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Was trying to choose between @webinarjams versus @meetdemio …features are similar, pricing is close. Was super stumped until I looked up each company’s team. #Demio for the win #representationmatters. Literally 0 excuses to have all white teams in 2021.

Dani Hao

Speaker & B2B Marketing Podcaster

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I’m also thankful for the technology that enables connection during these times of covid, such as Banzai.

Ernie Santeralli

Multimedia Content Manager @

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Yesterday we aired the first episode of Growth Decoded in 2022, and focused on Workflow #automation. Looking back on the show’s progression from 2021 to now through the lens of workflow automation — it’s been a wild evolution.

From simulcasting a livestream to multiple social media sites (the early episodes), to a completely pre-recorded show (the middle episodes), to a hybrid experience on a digital events platform (the ‘now’ episodes)… each iteration has come with a new set of capabilities, opportunities, and ideas.

And in the current iteration — Demio / Banzai has been a great partner to have, not only in premiering our show to an audience in real-time, but in creating opportunities to engage, interact, and automate so much of the backend.

Bringing the show to a platform that’s specifically designed for digital events has made for a much better viewing experience for the audience, and a more simplified (but more comprehensive) experience for our team.

We’ve learned so much about our audience and about creating a valuable show. I’m looking forward to what we create together in 2022!

Pedram Akbari

B2B Marketing Expert with Proven Success in Startups and SaaS

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😱 Smooth and Seamless Webinaring with Demio 🎦

I recently started using Demio as my webinar tool and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with its features and ease of use. 😄

The platform offers a smooth and seamless experience for both the host and the attendees. The virtual waiting room and the hands-free control of the webinar are my favorite features, as they make the whole process stress-free.

The video and audio quality is top-notch, and I never experienced any lag or interruption during my webinars. The customer support team is also very responsive and helpful in addressing any queries or issues. 😁

I highly recommend Demio for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly webinar solution.

Tarah Darge

Head of Marketing at Move

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Ashley Levesque is basically my idol, not only because she pulls off leopard print like none other, but also because of the way she leads with a level of transparency and excellence. Also #saasbreakthrough is cool.

Aaron Krall

SaaS Consultant @ SaaS Accelerator

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demio is my homeboy.

Tara McQuaide

Digital Marketing Manager @ Indicative

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@meetdemio’s support is unmatched 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Maeva Cifuentes

CEO @ Flying Cat Marketing

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Last year I had a goal to run 3 webinars. It was my first time stepping my toes into the webinar waters.

I knew nothing about webinars—I had never done one before, and I had so many questions.

I spoke to Ashley Levesque from Demio, which I used to organize all 3 webinars. It was very intuitive for both me and my audience and each webinar was better than the last.

I’m 100% going to be using it to organize more webinars this year…stay tuned if you’re ready to learn about SEO. If anyone is looking for the right software for their event marketing this year…try Demio!

Stella Ikhnana

Customer Success Specialist in SaaS

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Also, can we can talk about the amazing Demio platform?!

Meagan Glenn, PMP⚡️ and your team have the most visually appealing platform I've seen! 🙌 🙌 🙌

Darnell Brown

Certified Growth Strategist & Educator

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Shout-out to Ashley Levesque and Demio for their extraordinary weekly newsletter.👏🏾🤩

Love how there’s always a dad joke-type question in the subject line that is then answered right at the top of each email.

Short, digestible marketing insights throughout coming from a diverse range of sources? My kinda email, for sure. Keep 'em coming.
#shoutout #newsletter #marketingtips

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