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Event Marketing Hero - Heng Hua Wang: The Power of the All-Purpose Marketer


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Event Marketing Hero: Heng Hua Wang, Demand Gen Manager, Hubb

Banzai’s Event Marketing Hero series profiles leaders in event marketing, demand generation, and field marketing who are changing the marketing game through B2B events and webinars.

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I recently caught up with Heng Hua Wang, Demand Gen Manager and expert at Hubb.

Hubb is an event and conference management software based in Vancouver, Washington. It was created to support the ever-stressful event lifecycle, from event content to sponsors, to staffing and meetings.

Heng has been a part of the Hubb team for the past four months. She lives and breaths the sales funnel and is all about the numbers. Check out our interview with Heng and learn about what drives her to be a leader within her field.

Hi Heng! Tell me a bit about your role at Hubb.

I have been with Hubb for four months, so pretty new. My role is all the demand gen programs, digital, organic, and paid. I keep my eye on everything from leads to opportunities—anything top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, to bottom of the funnel I work on the email programs and focus on any kind of metrics that help us drive pipeline.

What is a day-in-the-life like for you at Hubb?

We do a daily sprint just to go over what we need to accomplish that day, what that priority is, and if anything has changed. It is a quick way to communicate before we start the day.

From a demand gen perspective, the first thing I do is look at the numbers. How many leads? How many are in the pipeline, how many haven't been touched? I look at any odd or low performing programs that need my attention, and then I start working on all the planned campaigns.

What is your go-to marketing tool?

I live and breath Hubspot right now. I also love Google Analytics.  I started from an SEO field and am now managing all things digital and demand gen. It's a more holistic view when you can leverage different marketing channels. Google Analytics shows you a lot of information. You can identify new opportunities where you can improve, and instantly connect with the strategy you are working on.

How often do you check Google Analytics?

Probably three to four times a week. I look at week over week, month over month, year over year. Sometimes we are too focused on running webinars and event programs that we just can't give the organic and other channels full attention.we forget about all the organic and other channels.

How do events fit in with your demand gen strategy?

Events can be a huge expense for marketing. So from a demand gen perspective, we want to make sure that the money we spend on all these events drives quality prospects or customer upsell/cross-sell and that we track them.

Events have always been a strategy at Hubb, but it has been more of a focus on sponsorships this first half of 2019. We are looking at roadshows for the second half of the year.

How involved are you in Hubb’s webinar program?

I am involved in all the preparation and promotion. Starting with the landing page and then laying out the timeline for a series of email to the database and then continued monitoring to see if we need extra budget to promote it.

Do you have a favorite event or webinar that you’ve produced during your career in marketing?

The webinar we just finished with Banzai has really opened my eyes. I was working in a different industry for the past five and a half years. It was more about selling sales management software. Marketing to this type of persona (event planner/marketer) is new to me and all the patterns are different. You have a lot that you can relate to as a marketer. You see their pain points right away and it’s exciting because we know we can help.

What is your dream job?

Personally, my dream job is to become an urban sketcher. Urban Sketchers are people who sketch on location. I draw anything that captures my attention, a location or building. That is my dream.

Bonus! Here is a link to Heng’s sketching portfolio

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your role?

People focus on the lead number. That is a total miss. We can totally drive a crazy number but never get any revenue. So that's a very common misunderstanding. We look at the numbers from the beginning all the way to the opportunity close, so we know lead quality matters more than the quantity.

What are you most proud of?

I would say that I am pretty proud that I chose this career path. My background is in telecom management and it was hard to make it fun. I started learning SEO and SEM and all these technical marketing skills. That’s how I got really interested in this. I could start seeing the results. I learned how you can integrate and make everything work together and leverage each advantage to help drive results. That is what I really love.

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