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Banzai Platform: Event Reps, On-Demand

The Banzai Platform is the core of our unique, inside sales on-demand model. Marketing & events teams can deploy dedicated event reps to drive targeted leads and attendance for field marketing events.

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Net-New Human-Verified Contact Data

Banzai’s on-demand contact generation solution builds net-new contact data assets by tapping into the power of Banzai’s on-demand inside sales team to identify and research the right contacts with over 90% accuracy.

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Contacts Generated

“Events are a core part of our marketing strategy at Bracket Computing and Banzai is a go-to partner for outreach to help drive attendance at executive dinners, networking events, and conferences.”

Maggie Henry

Manager, Field Marketing, Bracket Computing

Solutions for Event and Field Marketing


Hosting a conference is a terrific way to engage with your existing customer base and potentailly new customers and partners.


Regional Events

Banzai increases attendance for customer events such as user groups and regional customer loyalty event series.



Banzai’s focused process and execution, coupled with top inside sales agents allows us to reliably deliver new webinar leads.


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