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You’re here because you want a better way to market to your audience. A non-robotic, not-boring, not-gonna-kick-leads-over-the-fence, dare-we-say human kind of marketing.

First step of the revolution? Assess how your current efforts stack up and say buh-bye to 1990s marketing.

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Human to Human Marketing

Engagement marketing is a marketing model that focuses on building relationships through two way communication channels. When we put our customer at the center of their own buying experience, we have no more use for outdated sales and marketing funnels. Instead, Engagement Marketing focuses solely on the emotional states that guide buyers toward their desired outcome.


Previously known as Awareness

Here’s how you can get to your desired outcome


Previously known as Consideration

Here are resources that help you do it


Previously known as

Here’s what transformation looks like


Previously known as Evangelism

Here’s what partnership looks like

Dig into the four tenets of Engagement Marketing below.



Two Way Channels > One Way Channels

Drive connection, not lead numbers.

Today’s marketers have mastered one way communication with their audience. Whether it’s email, social media, blog posts, or website copy, they’ve gotten good at pushing their message out to their audience. But without the leverage of two-way communication channels, marketers today are failing at connecting, educating, and building authentic relationships with their audience.

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Webinars & Events

Full Funnel Marketing

Marketing Generated Opps > Leads

Influence every stage, not just the first.

Your audience’s buyer’s journey isn’t linear and it isn’t a funnel 😬. It’s a complex maze of brand impressions, and marketers need to take ownership in building impactful relationships at every point. The first step in driving impact? Begin measuring marketing-sourced pipeline instead of lead numbers.


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Audience Obsessed


Internal Drivers > External Challenges

Bye bye pain points. Hello desired outcome.

Stop focusing on “pain points” and start identifying the desired outcome of your audience. Doing so will automatically shift your attention more clearly on helping them get where they want to go, by identifying the internal drivers that motivate them. As Donald Miller shares, “Companies sell to solve external problems but buyers buy to solve internal ones."

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Thousands of Marketers > 1

Stop marketing in a silo. Learn from marketers just like you.

Engagement Marketers need to learn how to empathize, listen, take risks and encourage bravery from their audience. Wanna know how to level up these skills? Practice. Share information and learn from other marketers in the Engagement Marketing Movement.


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