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Banzai is dedicated to restoring the human connection in marketing. Our solutions make it easy for marketers to discover their qualified buyers, deepen their relationships with them and convert them to customers.

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The first 20 years of digital marketing were based on awareness - driving clicks, opens and form submissions in order to generate leads and (maybe) sales. Today’s marketers know that engagement is the key. The modern marketer is actively forming deeper relationships with their buyers and impacting a revenue number, rather than a lead number.

Our mission is to restore marketing’s human connection, enabling marketers to impact their bottom line through shared experiences.

Banzai is a leading enterprise SaaS provider of Engagement Marketing solutions for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Banzai solutions are used by thousands of customers like AtScale, DataRobot, Argyle, Egnyte and more. Banzai supports the unique needs of marketers, growing their event audiences and creating more engaging marketing experiences.

Banzai Core Values


We don't believe in stagnating in success. Banzites are constantly challenging ourselves to improve, grow, and better serve our customers. Banzaites know learning is constant and perfection is an illusion. Banzites ship now and improve as we go.

Serving Others

Banzites know that our customers and fellow teammates are the keys to our success, and we treat them accordingly.

10,000 Years

Traditionally, the word Banzai translates to Ten Thousand Years. We take that seriously. Banzites are in it for the long haul. We thrive on thinking big and creating a positive legacy. We recognize and embrace difficulties as they come because we’ve got the big picture in mind.

Leadership Team

Startup culture means making tough decisions quickly and often. We know that the only way to be successful is with a strong leadership team that lives and breathes our values every day.

Joe Davy, Founder & CEO
Joe Davy
Co-Founder & CEO
Andy Linteau Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Andy Linteau
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Simon Baumer, Chief Technology Officer
Simon Baumer
Chief Technology Officer
David Abrams, VP of People & General Manager, Demio
David Abrams
General Manager, Demio
Ashley Levesque - VP of Marketing
Ashley Levesque
VP of Marketing
Sergei Dolukhanov - Head of customer success
Sergei Dolukhanov
Head of Customer Success & Interim General Manager of Reach

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