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We're flipping the script on the old notion that marketing is best done behind a keyboard and instead are empowering and inspiring marketers to build relationships that impact their bottom line.

We're putting people at the center of marketing, and it starts with you.

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The first 20 years of digital marketing were based on awareness - driving clicks, opens and form submissions in order to generate leads and (maybe) sales. Today’s marketers know that engagement is the key. The modern marketer is actively forming deeper relationships with their buyers and impacting a revenue number, rather than a lead number.

At Banzai, we think the secret to better marketing is educating, learning from, and building relationships with buyers. This new approach is called Engagement Marketing.

Banzai is leading the Engagement Marketing movement. Our products reach millions of users every year and help our customers drive more revenue through better events, webinars, content, and data. Best of all, Banzai makes marketing a little more human for all of us.

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Banzai Core Values

We aren't the type of company that throws values on the wall of the office and then forgets about them. Our values guide our decisions, our responses, and our culture.


Banzaites are constantly challenging ourselves to improve, grow, and better serve our customers. Banzaites know learning is constant and perfection is an illusion. Banzaites ship now and improve as we go.

Serving Others

We always exceed expectations for our customers and teammates, and also dedicate ourselves to serving our communities and our families.

10,000 Years

Traditionally, the word Banzai translates to Ten Thousand Years. We take that seriously. Banzaites are in it for the long haul. We thrive on thinking big and creating a positive legacy. We recognize and embrace difficulties as they come because we’ve got the big picture in mind.

Meet Our Executive Team

Joe Davy, Founder & CEO
Joe Davy
Co-Founder & CEO
Andy Linteau Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Andy Linteau
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Simon Baumer, Chief Technology Officer
Simon Baumer
Chief Technology Officer
Ashley Levesque - VP of Marketing
Ashley Levesque
VP of Marketing
Christopher Justice VP of IT Operations
Christopher Justice
VP of IT Operations
Rachel Stanley VP of Customer Experience
Rachel Stanley
VP of Customer Experience
David Abrams, VP of People & General Manager, Demio
David Abrams
General Manager of Demio
Sergei Dolukhanov - Head of customer success
Sergei Dolukhanov
General Manager of Reach

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Take a look at what Banzaites have to say about our culture, products, and leadership team.

Company Rating

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87% Recommend to a Friend
87% Approve of CEO
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Culture Score

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97% of Banzaites on Comparably approve of Banzai's culture, leadership, and environment
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Company Recognition

#14 (Demio) “Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work” by #GirlsClub in 2020
#23 (Banzai) “Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work” by #GirlsClub in 2021
#34 (Banzai) “100 Best Companies to Work For 2021: Small" by Seattle Business Magazine

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