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4 Reasons Why I Love Event Marketing Month


Corrine Stratton


October is my favorite month of the year. The start of Fall, the holiday season is in sight, and of course Event Marketing Month! 

Banzai’s first annual Event Marketing Month is officially in the books. It was great to share resources, learn from one another, and to build up a community of resilient, successful event marketers. Here are a few reasons why I plan to make Event Marketing Month an annual celebration.

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A chance to celebrate

In reality, I think we should be celebrating this every day, but one month dedicated to the amazing work event marketers do is the next best thing! This month alone, Banzai supported more than 65,000 virtual events and webinars. Event Marketers continue to work tirelessly, no matter what the circumstances, to produce experiences that drive pipeline. Their work should not go unnoticed. We are honored and so grateful to work with marketers like you who elevate engagement marketing with events.

Community, community, community

If there is one thing I’ve learned about event marketers it is that they constantly lift one another up. Whether it is on LinkedIn, Slack groups, or on webinars, event marketers are committed to helping each other grow. There is a sense that when one of us succeeds, we all get better. As the events industry continues to adapt and change, it will be the community that keeps one another afloat.

An opportunity to learn together

Event marketers have so much to learn from one another. Every event we produce brings on unexpected challenges, new best practices, and even some event marketing mishaps we all wish we could forget. Each of these things make us better marketers. Over the past month, a few marketing leaders reminded me of some core event marketing tenants to live by:

  • Always over communicate. You will thank yourself later.
  • Remember to take a breath.
  • Mistakes happen. It is a matter of when not if.

Having transparent conversations where we ask for advice and share our wins and our challenges empowers all of us to grow and move the industry into an exciting new future.

We are just getting started 

My biggest takeaway from Event Marketing Month is that event marketers are just getting started. The modern event marketer does not necessarily have the word “event” in their title. Marketers from all backgrounds are embracing events to increase engagement and create revenue opportunities. Events will continue to evolve to meet the needs and expectations of our audiences, and event marketers will be ready to take on any and all new challenges. 

The event world is as exciting as ever. I hope you will continue to join me and Banzai in celebrating Event Marketing Month every October and celebrate the great work event marketers do every day.

Event Planning Workbook - How to Run an Event That Isn’t Terrible

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