April 5, 2022

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The Best Webinar Platforms of 2022


Victoria Rudi

Sure, there’s a lot of different webinar platforms out there. But which are the most useful to creating engaging events?


Webinars are becoming more powerful year by year. From one-person brands to enterprises, almost everyone acknowledges the impact they can have on growth. Thanks to their versatile nature, webinars help companies to achieve a wide range of business goals. Marketing managers in particular run webinars to increase brand awareness, attract high-quality leads, and convert prospects into opportunities.  

A survey conducted by Demand Gen Report revealed 87% of marketers use webinars for top-of-funnel lead generation and acquisition. Further, 58% of respondents said the most effective aspect of webinars is increased brand reach and lead generation. In another 2021 study, 89% of marketers indicated they rely on webinars to generate qualified leads.

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Relationship-centered in nature, webinars are among the most efficient channels to create, nurture, and grow an audience for your brand. To achieve your marketing goals, though, you have to identify a reliable webinar platform. 

Why Do You Need a Webinar Platform?

Whether you’re planning your first or thirtieth webinar, generating great results requires a hassle-free webinar platform designed for marketers. You need a webinar platform that can: 

  • Automate. From creating online registration forms to enabling attendees to attend the event with ease, there are many webinar steps you can automate. This way, you save time and effort, and can focus exclusively on webinar content and attendee experience. 
  • Integrate. Webinars contribute to larger marketing efforts, so they need to connect for seamless cohesion. A webinar platform will easily link to the tools you already use and streamline your entire marketing strategy. For example, a webinar platform’s built-in integration can tag your audience based on registration, attendance, engagement, and more to hone your conversion strategy. 
  • Design. You want attendees to have a good time, so you need to offer them an enjoyable webinar experience. A quality session relies on a webinar platform that allows you to create a visually pleasing and user-friendly webinar stage people can access with ease.
  • Engage. Webinars must be engaging to make an impact on your attendees. The right webinar platform will let you engage people through interactive polls, inspiring calls to action, handouts, Q&A sessions, and other elements. 
  • Evaluate. Every webinar you run collects insightful data such as the time people stayed focused on the event or the number of handout downloads. Webinar analytics are crucial to understanding your audience, improving your next webinar, and achieving your business goals. But to access this information, you need a webinar platform that tracks and organizes this information all in one place. 
  • Replicate. If you’re like most marketers, you run webinars regularly. What’s most annoying is having to create a new webinar from scratch. Good webinar platforms help you run effective virtual sessions with less work by providing you a clear planning workflow and guiding you through the entire process. 

Luckily, the webinar software market is continuing to expand, offering a wide variety of options for you to choose from based on your needs. 

What Are the Best Webinar Platforms? 

To help you achieve your marketing results, we’ve put together a list of the best webinar platforms you can try in 2022. 


Demio is a webinar platform built by marketers, for marketers. The company’s focus on meeting marketers’ needs sets Demio apart from other platforms. The software fully aligns with a marketing team’s workflow, focusing on effective webinar design, excellent user experience, and attendee engagement. The entire platform is built around attendee engagement and lead interaction. Marketers can use Demio to run various types of webinar, such as live, automated, on-demand, and hybrid sessions. Demio makes webinars easy to plan and enjoyable to attend.

Main Features

  • Branding. Demio allows marketers to set company logos and color schemes on Registration, Thank You, and Replay pages, as well as the event room itself. 
  • Online registration. Design customizable online registration forms. Webinar organizers can collect any information they want from registrants and embed the registration form wherever they desire.
  • Email campaigns. Create email notifications to remind registrants about their upcoming sessions. 
  • Contact management. Manage existing contacts efficiently. Demio lets webinar organizers view contacts, manage their registration, and export them to a CSV file.
  • Attendee experience. With Demio, attendees can access the webinar with one simple click — and no annoying software downloads. Moreover, the platform is visually pleasing and easy to navigate, providing attendees with an intuitive and friendly user experience. 
  • Engagement. Organizers can craft unique engagement experiences through interactive polls with stats, offers, calls to action, handouts, Q&A sessions, private and public chats, emoji reactions to webinar chat, and mentions. Moreover, organizers can bring attendees to the stage by giving them microphones and webcam permissions. 
  • Analytics. Demio keeps marketers up to date on the status and impact of their webinars. Marketers can track registrations as they promote the session, understand how people watched the webinar, and view and export the breakdown of every poll, handout, and featured action launched during the session. 
  • Integrations. Demio integrates with top marketing apps organizers already use, like HubSpot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, and more. 
  • Real-time streaming. Demio has no streaming latency. 
  • 24/7 dedicated support. The average live chat response is less than five minutes. 

💲 Demio Pricing

Demio offers three pricing plans: 

  • The Starter plan is perfect for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs getting started with webinars. The plan costs $59 per month and includes a 50-attendee room. 
  • The Growth plan is ideal for growing companies that need more brand control, bigger rooms, and multiple hosts. The plan costs $109 per month and includes a 150-attendee room. However, you can choose between a 500- and a 1,000-attendee room.
  • The Premium plan offers white-glove service for hosting engaging webinars, with dedicated account support and premium integrations. Annual plan is available online but you can also Contact Demio's team to get a personalized quote.

It’s worth noting you can start a 14-day free trial to see what Demio can do for you and your webinars. Demio is one of Banzai's suite of event tools, which provides top-notch start-to-finish webinar and event planning solutions.


Livestorm is a virtual event platform that offers webinar software for companies. The software helps organizers manage their webinars from start to finish. Livestorm grouped the platform features around three major concepts, which we’ve broken down individually below. 

Main Features

  • Reach your audience: Create registration pages, schedule automatic emails and reminders, plan recurring sessions, and customize registration forms. 
  • Inspire your participants: Spark live debates, gather feedback, add automated CTAs, and send personalized follow-up emails. 
  • Measure performance: Access detailed analytics to see which webinar performs the best and how your attendees react. 

💲 Livestorm Pricing

Livestorm offers three pricing plans:

  • The Starter Plan is Livestorm’s free option that includes all features, unlimited events, and unlimited moderators. However, you have only 20 minutes and up to 10 attendees per event. 
  • The Premium Plan is $76 per month and allows up to four hours per webinar. 
  • The Enterprise Plan includes unlimited hosts and up to 3,000 live attendees. You have to contact the Livestorm team to get a personalized quote for this option.

All plans include educational resources on using Livestorm, premium customer support, and high-security standards.


Riverside started as a podcasting platform and later expanded its product, which includes webinar recording software. The platform offers evergreen webinar recordings in 4K video quality directly from your browser. 

Main Features

  • Awesome video and audio quality, regardless of the internet connection. Riverside makes this possible by recording the video and audio tracks locally on each participant’s computer, then uploading them almost instantly to the platform.
  • Riverside makes it easy to edit webinar audio and video tracks, as you can download them separately. 
  • Attendees can join the webinar with one click on a sharable link. 

💲 Riverside Pricing

Riverside offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Basic Plan is $7.50 per month. You can record two hours monthly of studio-quality video and audio. 
  • The Standard Plan is $15 per month. Each month, you can record five hours of studio-quality audio and video. You can also livestream to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. 
  • The Pro Plan is $24 per month. Each month, you can record up to 15 hours of studio-quality audio and video. Apart from the regular features, you also have access to webinar transcriptions. 
  • The Enterprise Plan comes with a customer success manager, live support, onboarding, and training. You have to book a meeting with the Riverside team to get a quote. 


ON24 is a sales and marketing platform for digital engagement. Apart from offering a virtual event platform, ON24 also provides webinar solutions. 

Main Features

  • Customizable design. The platform offers a fully customizable webinar room with on-brand backgrounds, images, icons, and over 20 tools to drive engagement.
  • Recurring programs. Marketers can set webinars to recur on a predetermined schedule, able to run daily, weekly or monthly sessions. 
  • Conversion tools. ON24 provides tools to track the attendees’ buying signals.
  • Automated captioning. The platform provides speech-to-text technology that automatically generates captions, supporting more than 50 languages. 
  • Analytics and reporting. Webinar organizers can access data such as content performance, level of engagement, and more. 
  • Integrations. ON24 integrates with the organizers’ existing tech stack like other webinar platforms. 

💲 ON24 Pricing

Unfortunately, ON24 isn’t transparent about its pricing. You have to schedule a live demo to access the product and get a personalized quote. 

Learn how Demio is different from ON24.


GoToWebinar is a webinar platform focused on helping businesses of all sizes to plan webinars and engage with their audiences. The platform offers two ways of joining a webinar: either by downloading GoToWebinar or joining it via browser. 

Main Features

GoToWebinar classifies features based on webinar phases. Let’s take them one by one: 

Before the webinar: 

  • Pre-record webinars that look and feel like live events.
  • Webcast mode allows up to 3,000 attendees to join the livestream from their browser.
  • Promote with GoToStage, a library of ongoing webinars.
  • Utilize a flexible schedule to set up a one-time webinar or create on-demand experiences.
  • Customize registration forms.
  • Create an event with webinar templates. 
  • Update unique branding such as colors, logo, and images to personalized webinar materials.

During the event: 

  • Monitor an engagement dashboard to keep an eye on how engaged the audience is.
  • Host webinars with multiple presenters and up to six organizers, presenters, and panelists. 
  • Deploy polls and surveys.
  • Allow attendees to raise a hand.

After the event: 

  • Access attendee reports.
  • Review webinar analytics.
  • Utilize source tracking to discover which channels drove most webinar sign-ups.

💲 GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Lite Plan is $49 and includes 250 participants.
  • The Standard Plan is $99 and consists of 500 participants. 
  • The Pro Plan is $199 and contains 1,000 participants.
  • The Enterprise Plan is $399 and allows up to 3,000 participants.

It’s worth noting people can access a seven-day free trial. 

Learn how Demio is different from GoToWebinar.


BlueJeans by Verizon provides interoperable cloud-based video conferencing services. You can also use it to plan and run interactive webinar experiences.

Main Features

  • Custom landing pages, emails, and waiting room music
  • No app download is needed to attend webinars on BlueJeans
  • Q&A, chat, polling, and hand-raising to ignite attendee engagement
  • Measure engagement with the Engagement Index post-event report
  • Livestream the webinar on Facebook, YouTube, or any custom streaming platform
  • High-definition video quality
  • Real-time closed captioning
  • Record and save webinars in the cloud for future playback and sharing
  • Hands-on support before, during, and after the event

💲 BlueJeans Pricing

Running webinars with BlueJeans starts at $41.67 per month.


BigMarker offers a wide variety of tools for running virtual and hybrid events. Additionally, the company offers an end-to-end webinar and video platform.

Main Features

  • Run multiple webinar types, such as live, recurring, automated, or on-demand. 
  • Create webinar landing pages by choosing from over 15 templates.
  • Send email invites and reminders
  • Easily access the webinar directly through the browser.
  • Engage attendees with tools such as chat and polls, public and private chats, Q&As with upvoting, CTA pop-ups, and more.
  • Bring anyone “on stage.”
  • Access powerful analytics to understand how engaged your audience is.

💲 BigMarker Pricing

BigMarker offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Start Plan is $99 per month, including 100 attendees and one host license. 
  • The Elite Plan is $199 per month, including 500 attendees and two host licenses.
  • The Premier Plan is $499 per month, including 1,000 attendees and three host licenses.
  • The White Label Plan offers a fully customized webinar marketing stack that integrates with the organizers’ website. To get a quote, you have to contact the BigMarker’s team. 

BigMarker offers a seven-day free trial that includes all features. 

Learn how Demio is different from BigMarker


Crowdcast is a browser-based solution for creating interactive webinars, live Q&As, workshops, and events.

Main Features

  • One link to register, watch, and replay webinars
  • Built-in landing pages
  • Automated emails and push notifications
  • Invite anyone on stage
  • Multi-stream webinars on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, and other platforms
  • Q&A and upvoting favorite questions
  • Chat and polls
  • Webinar monetization
  • Create and share webinar clips
  • Integrate Crowdcast with an existing tech stack
  • Analytics to track how many attendees registered, who showed up, and the level of engagement

💲 Crowdcast Pricing

Crowdcast offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Starter Plan is $29 per month, including 50+ live attendees and five hours of livestreaming per month.
  • The Lite Plan is $49 per month, containing 100+ live attendees and 10 hours of livestreaming per month. 
  • The Pro Plan is $89 per month, including 250+ live attendees and 20 hours of livestreaming per month.
  • The Business Plan is $195 per month, containing 1,000+ live attendees and 40 hours of livestreaming per month.

Webinar organizers can start with a two-week free trial that includes 10 live attendees and 30-minute sessions. 

Also, if marketers need to host more than 1,000 live attendees and stream more than 40 hours per month, they can schedule a meeting with the Crowdcast team to get a personalized quote. 

Moreover, they can hire a verified Crowdcast expert to help with real-time technical support. 

Learn how Demio is different from Crowdcast. 


WebinarNinja is a webinar software for coaches, teachers, trainers, and creators. Organizers can run a wide variety of webinar types, including live, automated, on-demand, and hybrid sessions.

Main Features

  • Built-in email
  • Built-in landing pages
  • Integration with CRM and email software
  • Analytics
  • Handouts
  • Multi-function chat, group chat, private chat, questions, polls, and more.
  • The option to bring attendees “on stage”
  • Webinar monetization
  • Customization in any language for registration, thank you pages, forms, emails, buttons, and more

💲 WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarNinja offers three pricing plans: 

  • The Free Plan is for 10 live attendees maximum, including 20 minutes per webinar. 
  • The Pro Plan is $99 per month, and it contains 100 live attendees, allowing four hours per webinar. 
  • The Business Plan is $199 per month, and it includes 100 live attendees, allowing eight hours per webinar. 

Note that you can choose the number of attendees from 10 to 1,000. The attendee number will add to the plan cost though. 


EasyWebinar is a versatile, automated webinar platform that combines the power of a full suite marketing platform with the impact of face-to-face interactions. EasyWebinar is a cloud-based solution for small to large businesses. 

Main Features

EasyWebinar classifies the product features based on the type of webinar. 

Live webinars: 

  • No streaming latency
  • High-quality picture
  • Real-time chat
  • Multiple presenters
  • Record and archive 
  • HD screen sharing
  • The ability to bring attendees “on stage”
  • TrueVoice technology that reduces noise 
  • Streaming on multiple social media platforms

Automated webinars: 

  • Simulate the look and feel of a live event
  • Display the attendees’ local time zone when streaming
  • Right-on-time registration: The right-on-time feature allows you to stream webinars at the next 15-minute increment from the time a visitor comes to the page 
  • Analytics and reporting to get greater insights into the actions that were performed during the webinar

💲 EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar offers three pricing plans: 

  • The Standard Plan is $78 per month, including 100 live attendees. Also, it offers unlimited automated webinars with up to 100 simultaneous attendees per session. 
  • The Pro Plan is $129 per month, including 500 live attendees. It also offers unlimited automated webinars with up to 500 simultaneous attendees per session.
  • The Enterprise Plan is $499 per month, including 2,000 live attendees. When paying annually, organizers can have unlimited attendees on all automated webinars. 

Webinar organizers can start by signing up for a 14-day free trial. 


ClickMeeting is a video conferencing, online meeting, and webinar software focused on bringing students, customers, and team members together. 

Main Features

  • Custom webinar broadcasting room
  • Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook
  • Chat and Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Custom waiting rooms
  • Personalized reminders
  • Screen, video, and file sharing 
  • Sharing pre-recorded events
  • Exporting leads to CRM
  • Surveys
  • Webinar monetization

Of special note, ClickMeeting allows marketers to build and automate the pre-recorded webinar timeline. They can upload elements such as a webinar recording, video clips, surveys, or calls to action, and then compose the webinar timeline using a drag-and-drop option. 

💲 ClickMeeting Pricing

ClickMeeting offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Free Plan is a 30-day free trial, available for 25 attendees only. 

If you want to run a webinar for 500 attendees, you have the option to choose between: 

  • The Live Plan, which is $139 per month
  • The Automated Plan, which is $179 per month

Quick note: You can choose the number of attendees, but this will add to the plan’s cost. 

  • The Enterprise Plan is for companies that organize multiple meetings and virtual events for up to 10,000 people. You have to contact the ClickMeeting team to get a quote for it. 

Webex by Cisco

Webex by Cisco is an enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, and webinars. 

Main Features

  • Up to 100,000 attendees
  • Real-time translations with over 100 languages
  • Q&A, live polling, chat, emoji reactions, gesture recognition
  • Easy stage view management to decide who and what your audiences see
  • Pre-webinar rehearsal on stage
  • Immersive sharing of presentations
  • Custom branding options and themes

💲 Webex by Cisco Pricing

Webex by Cisco offers four pricing plans: 

  • The Basic Plan is free and allows one host and up to 100 attendees.
  • The Business Plan is $25 and includes up to 200 participants.
  • The Enterprise Plan is customizable in terms of hosts and participants. To get a quote, you have to contact sales.

Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meetings is an online meeting platform and webinar solution focused on helping people collaborate and work remotely.

Main Features

  • Organizers can host live video webinars and share multiple video feeds with Zoho meetings.
  • Customize registration forms and webinar emails.
  • Interact with the webinar audience through polls and Q&As.
  • Bring attendees “on stage” with Allow to Talk and Make Presenter options.
  • Organizers can download attendee registration and engagement reports in XLS and CSV formats. 

💲 Zoho Meetings Pricing

Zoho Meetings offers one Webinar Plan, which is $16 per month. All features are free, except the number of attendees. The initial Webinar Plan includes 25 attendees only. If you want more, the plan price will go up.


WebinarGeek is a GDPR-proof webinar platform. The software fully meets all the requirements set by the European Union for processing personal data. 

Main Features

  • WebinarGeek is a browser-based tool. 
  • Organizers can customize their webinars, adding their logo and branding elements. 
  • The platform allows a side-by-side view when sharing a presentation. 
  • Organizers can stream HD quality videos. 
  • Hosts can invite multiple co-presenters to the webinar. 
  • The platform offers interactive tools for attendees, such as polls, quizzes, calls to action, information boxes, and more. 
  • Organizers can create registration, confirmation, and countdown pages to promote the webinar. 
  • The platform enables organizers to set up reminder emails and follow-up messages.
  • Similar to other webinar platforms, WebinarGeek integrates with the existing tech stack. 

💲 WebinarGeek Pricing

WebinarGeek offers three pricing plans: 

  • The Starter Plan is $21 per month, allowing 25 live viewers and four hours of streaming per webinar. 
  • The Premium Plan is $54 per month. This plan allows organizers to select between 100 and 2,000 live viewers; the number of viewers affects the overall cost. The plan also includes up to eight hours of streaming per webinar.
  • The Advanced Plan allows up to 4,000 live viewers and 12 hours of streaming per webinar. Organizers have to contact the WebinarGeek’s team to request pricing. 

Webinar organizers can access a 14-day free trial to test the premium features. 


Webinar.net is an online presentation platform fully hosted in the cloud. This architecture allows webinar organizers to reach out to very large audiences without capacity concerns.

Main Features

  • 100% web-based. No downloads required to attend the webinar 
  • Dynamic webinar registration landing pages
  • Custom webinar registration forms
  • Reminder emails and post-webinar follow-up messages
  • In-webinar polling with live results
  • Moderated Q&A sessions
  • Private chat for the presenters
  • Private one-on-one chat for presenters to attendees
  • The ability to share documents as downloads and pre-recorded video clips
  • Built-in group chat
  • Post-webinar surveys

💲 Webinar.net Pricing

Webinar.net offers two pricing plans: 

  • The Squad plan includes two sub-plans. The first one is for more than 100 attendees, and it costs $6,000 annually. The second one is for more than 500 attendees, and it costs $10,000 annually
  • The Enterprise plan includes three sub-plans that range from $15,000 to $21,000 annually for 2,000 attendees maximum. 

How To Choose a Webinar Platform That Suits Your Needs

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of webinar platforms you can choose from. Considering the wide range of options, you need to define the must-have features for your virtual events strategy. After all, not every webinar platform is right for marketers. So, what exactly should you be looking for? 

  • Highly intuitive. Let’s be honest: You’re busy enough without having to learn how to use new software. When choosing a webinar platform, the last thing you want is to waste hours on onboarding sessions. You need a highly intuitive, ready-to-use webinar platform that you can master quickly. 
  • User-friendliness. Your webinar planning experience matters, but your attendees’ experience is also important. (After all, they’re the ones who attend the webinar.) A platform design that’s visually pleasing and user-friendly can do wonders in terms of attendee attention and engagement. 
  • Customizable. You shouldn’t care much whether or not a webinar platform offers the white-label feature. Although a white-label platform allows you to rebrand it and make it look like your own, it isn’t a justifiable expense. Why? First of all, it’s much more costly. Secondly, it’s unnecessary to convince your attendees that you’re using an in-house rather than a third-party webinar platform. People don’t care what platform you use as long as it’s user-friendly. However, you’ll want to choose a flexible webinar platform that allows you to fully customize elements such as the registration page, the webinar stage, and more. Highly customizable webinar platforms will allow you to increase brand awareness. 
  • Support throughout the entire webinar. There’s always lots to do before, during, and post-webinar. Choose a webinar platform that provides features and solutions for each webinar stage. 
  • 24/7 support. A reactive customer support team will help you avoid any last-minute issues and ensure a gratifying webinar experience for your attendees. So, when choosing between multiple webinar platforms, identify the ones that offer immediate customer support. 

Finally, if you want to connect with new audiences, and reach out to and engage with the right prospects, you can always rely on expert tools such as Reach. Our audience intelligence platform will help you build a qualified audience profile and convince your prospects to attend your webinars. 

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