November 12, 2019

Event Strategies

Our Favorite Event Management Organization Tools


Corrine Stratton

There are a lot of great event management tools to keep you organized. Here are a few of our favorites any size event can use to keep the details straight.


There are so many details when it comes to events. How do you keep track of them all? From the signage to catering to speaker details, one missed detail can result in a huge headache. There are a lot of great tools to help you stay organized throughout the entire planning and production process. Below are a few of our favorites.

Don’t see your go-to tool listed? Email to let us know what you can’t plan an event without.

Event Brainstorming


Whether planning a major user conference or a 16-city roadshow, the initial brainstorming and ideation are crucial to getting your event off the ground. What do you want your event to accomplish? What is the theme? What is the event look and feel? Pinterest is an easy and budget-friendly way to track all of your design and event programming ideas.

Not all of us are design experts. We often know what we want (or think we want), but we struggle to articulate to other key stakeholders. Creating a “mood board” for your event allows you to keep all your ideas in one place. Your pins and boards give your event team a launching point to conceptualize and finalize your event’s key details.



Templates are a field and event marketer’s secret weapon. When you produce 20+ events a year, you need to be able to scale how you stay organized. Establishing repeatable ways to track your event details allows you to create an efficient and reliable process.

Smartsheet provides templates for every aspect of the event planning process. Some of our favorite templates are:

  • Event Task List
  • Event Plan and Budget
  • Event Registration and Tracking
  • Event Packing List
  • Trade Show Shipping

Use Smartsheet to setup Workspaces for each event that can be shared and viewed with your team. All the information is kept in one place. Users can easily request updates, submit changes, and collaborate with your team (even if they are half-way around the world).


Creating and maintaining social amplification around your event is a full-time job. You need a plan to drive awareness and excitement before your event, a plan for promotion and conversation during your event, and a plan for post-event follow-up and continued discussions. With Hootsuite, you can get in front of your social promotion by scheduling posts ahead of time, and monitor conversations and interactions in real-time. You can easily track keywords, hashtags, and industry influencers enabling you to be active in social conversations around your event. Hootsuite integrates with all the major social channels and has a variety of plans to choose from based on your event needs.

Onsite Management

Google Drive

Your event has kicked off and you’re needed in a million places at once. People are asking for sponsor lists, speaker presentations, and updated logos for the mainstage slides. Google Drive is a simple way to keep all your onsite event details in one place. Files can be designated “Read Only” so nothing gets changed without your knowledge. Create a master event folder to store your:

  • Master agenda
  • Event design files
  • Speaker presentations and notes
  • Master registration list
  • Master sponsor list
  • Onsite roles and responsibilities
  • Logistics details

Google Drive helps you have one source of truth for your event details. Your team will be prepared and know where to find vital event information and you will be able to focus on the million other things that come up the day of your event.

These are just a few of our go-to tools for keeping your event details organized and easily accessible. There are other great tools that manage the details from end-to-end including Hubb Event Management, EventGeek, and Bizzabo. Have a favorite? Let us know!

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