September 26, 2019

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Quick Guide: Event Messaging Done Right


Corrine Stratton

Get tips and resources for nailing your event messaging to make sure your prospects register and attend your upcoming eve


Your event messaging is more than just what you write in emails and social posts. It impacts every aspect of your event planning and execution, from your website to onsite signage.  The right messaging can make or break whether or not someone attends your event.

Check out our quick guide below for tips and resources you can use to nail your event messaging and make sure the right people register AND attend your upcoming event.

Know your target audience

A clear understanding of who your target audience is essential to your messaging. I am going to go ahead and I say it is the #1 factor that should shape how you talk about and promote your event. Understanding your target audience will shape:

  • Your tone
  • Your content
  • The format of your messaging
  • Your channels (more on that later)

Download the target audience e-book for tips on how to clearly identify your event’s target audience.

Events often have more than one distinct target audience. Multiple audiences mean taking the time to segment your messaging (especially when it comes to outreach!). Though it is more work upfront, it will make all the difference in ensuring your outreach resonates with your prospective attendees.

Understand where your event target audience fits in your pipeline

When it comes to your event messaging and outreach, you need to understand where your prospective attendees fit in your pipeline? Are they customers, current pipeline, or net-new prospects? Segmenting your list based on where they land in your funnel will allow you to craft messaging that correlates with their relationship to your brand.

For example, potential attendees that are currently being nurtured through your pipeline should get personal outreach for their sales rep, while net-new prospects can get targeted with social campaigns and emails followed by calls from your SDRs or BDRs.

Articulate your event’s value

You are asking a lot of your prospective attendees to attend your event, so you need to make sure from the start that is clear what they will get out of your event. Some questions to ask yourself when developing your messaging include:

  • Why does our event matter?
  • How will this event impact our prospects? What is the benefit to them?
  • What are they taking back to the office to help them do their job?
  • How is our event different than other events?

Think about highlighting the unique factors of your event including your speakers, fun incentives or activities (baseball game anyone?), whether or not there will be food. These details matter and need to be included throughout your outreach campaign.

Access Banzai’s Ultimate Messaging Guide to track all your event’s details that will shape your messaging.

Use the Right Channels

There are so many channels out there, and one size does not fit all when it comes to your messaging. So how do you decide what channel(s) makes the most sense for your event?

It all comes back to understanding your target audience.

  • Where does my target audience spend their time?
  • How does my target audience consume content?
  • Who does my target audience want to hear from? What would have the most impact? (a personal note from their Account Manager or a LinkedIn post from our CEO, maybe both).

Your channel choice also impacts your overall tone and how you frame your messaging. Contently breaks down the different social channels and provides tips for how brands can and should approach them. For example, with Facebook, brands should appear relatable and add a human element. LinkedIn is more direct and to-the-point; and with Twitter, brands can be more experimental and daring.

In the end, be open to testing different channels and taking the time to learn about what works for you and your target audience.

Don’t Miss a Messaging Opportunity

One lesson we have all learned the hard way, is that just because someone registers, does not mean they will attend. Your messaging needs to be well thought-out and intentional throughout your whole event process (though this blog just focuses on getting the right people to register and attend).

Banzai has found that a company’s customers are likely to attend an event at a rate of around 70%. Registrants in your pipeline attend at roughly 50% and net-new prospects attend anywhere from 25-50%.

Our goal is to make sure everyone who registers, attends. So it is essential that you remove all barriers that may prevent someone from attending. Once someone registers, utilize your confirmations, reminders, calendar invites, logistics emails and calls to give them all the information they need to attend.

In the end, it is about closing the gap between registration and attendance by giving your registrants the information they need in a clear and effective way. This includes venue details, directions, dress code, guest rules, agenda, food and beverage details, parking instructions, etc. Do not give them a reason to say, “ummm maybe I just won’t go.”

What messaging lessons have you learned from producing B2B events?

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