September 17, 2018

Event Strategies

Keep Your Event on Track with the Banzai Event Toolkit


Kirstin Fulton

The Banzai event toolkit is an all-in-one tracker and guide for your upcoming event.


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Creating a marketing event is like building city hall. Some of us are great at bones of the building. Others master the visual design, or installation, or contracts. And then there are the folks who promote and run the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Forget any of the big factors, the whole plan could fall apart. With all the minds at work and details to track, you need a killer planning tool. To ease your planning process—and boost the success of your event—we’ve created the Banzai Event Toolkit, an interactive tracker with templates for every major event component. This staple organizational tool includes tabs that will help you:

Set and track goals

Know your goals. Write them down. Meet them. Simple as that. Well, not exactly—but we give you the big preliminary questions to guide goal-setting, like: What is your unique selling point? Once you’ve set your goals, use the tracker to monitor progress.

Build and monitor a budget

Yeah, an event budget is a big deal. But don’t let it be the bane of your professional existence. Handle your budget masterfully by getting every consideration and detail down on one page. Our tool gives full, live visibility to the state of your budget at every stage of the game.

Manage logistics

Where’s your event taking place? When? What’s your registration goal? Pretty fundamental stuff. Having the bare-bone logistic details is one place is crucial to hosting a great event. Keep track of them here so everyone has access to the basic info.

Create an agenda

Get your whole team involved in agenda planning by filling out this timing sheet. This form helps track all changes in agenda for production and marketing promotion, and provides an accountability checklist so you don’t overlook a single detail.

Organize speakers

Who are your speakers? What are they speaking on? Do they have any special personal or AV needs? Mitigate the stress of managing speakers with this template, built to help you consider and house all the details needed to deliver a phenomenal presentation program.

Develop your marketing calendar

Get your marketing, production, and sales teams working on the same calendar. This clear form lays out your timeline for all to see. Modify it to fit your tracking style for marketing deliverables.

Plan material distribution

Eek, the material details! Who’s in charge of ordering swag? And does that same person receive it and make sure it arrives at the venue? Those details shouldn’t live in the ether. Record them all in the materials template.

Complete post-con

After a busy event, we can feel a little foggy for post-con. It’s easy for wrap-up conversations to wander, for thank you emails to be forgotten. Use our key questions and post-event checklist to ease you through the final stage of production.

Whether you’ve planned hundreds events or none, there’s always room to improve your process. This all-in-one toolkit offers everything you need to build you event from the ground up. Get planning!

Download the Event Toolkit

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