How to Craft Winning Webinars in 2024


Ashley Levesque


How to Craft Winning Webinars in 2024

Over 63,000 webinar sessions have wowed attendees on Demio so far this year (January - September 2023). Webinar programs are driving increases in conversion rates, increases in pipeline, and increased brand recognition. Today's top marketing agencies give their take on what it will take to dominate this channel in 2024.

Leverage AI for webinar creation

"Webinars are awesome tools for lead gen and thought leadership, and they are a content marketer’s dream. Webinars can arm both sales and marketing with a timely, relevant offer to include in your reach-out. Whether you’re prospecting and forging new connections on LinkedIn or nurturing account targets through a paid programmatic advertising campaign, webinars are great fuel for the fire.

Webinars provide great opportunities for companies to showcase not only their thought leadership on a hot topic but also the ability to tap into other audiences. Pick guests who are already talking to your ICP and team up.

From a content marketing standpoint, webinars give you content for days. And the best part? You can use AI to help you do some of the heavy lifting. From transcription to social media posts, to blogs, to pull quotes – webinars provide plenty of content opportunities for repurposing in multiple content formats." - Rachael Cecko, VP of Client Delivery at Lake One.

"Show Up" offers drive webinar attendance

"The digital transformation of business strategies has been significantly accelerated, with webinars emerging as a powerful tool for businesses to connect, educate, and convert prospects. In 2024, businesses are expected to leverage webinars more innovatively, focusing on creating exclusive "show up" offers to encourage attendance and engagement.

A "show up" offer is a unique proposition provided exclusively to webinar attendees and is not available post-event. This strategy is believed to be a game-changer for businesses, as it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, motivating potential clients and customers to attend the webinar to avail themselves of the special offer." - Ricardo Ghekiere, CEO & Founder at Saasmic.

Consistency is the key to webinar success

"By expecting fewer attendees whilst upping the frequency: Treat them more like a breakfast meet and greet or Open Office Hours instead of a full-on in-person event happening online. And make sure they're recorded and repurposed to the hilt so that content production is easy and your investment is stretched." - Paul Mortimer, Head of Marketing at Avidly.

Play the long game with actionable webinars

"Webinars are a powerful way to drive value for existing customers and prospects alike.  The key to a successful strategy is to play the long game by providing high-value, actionable webinars to your audience. In order to do this, you must create webinars regularly and never compromise on the quality of your content.  Webinars can’t be a passive strategy with today’s competitive content landscape.  Value is the only way to your audience’s heart. - Mandy Thompson, Co-founder and CEO at Digital Reach Online Solutions.

Leverage live CTAs during your webinar

"Digitopia's marketing strategies include webinars as middle-of-the-funnel content. Demio is our go-to platform for hosting these. We're getting the most mileage by having a solid 'next step' call-to-action embedded as a Featured Action right inside the webinar. All attendees are enrolled in a 6-touch, automated email nurturing series post-webinar. The emails alternate between sending deeper dive, ungated content, and 'Ready to Talk?' CTAs. This is effective in meeting the prospect wherever they are in their journey." - Joseph Freeman, CEO, Digitopia

Master the webinar journey

“As digital marketing evolves so does the way we reach new customers. Staying ahead means embracing effective strategies to connect with our prospective clients—webinars are a prime tool for this. Achieving success in webinars is about mastering the entire journey, not just the event. It begins with a strategic promotional plan, where we craft content that resonates, design ads that attract, and write copy that compels, all aimed at optimizing conversions.

A truly successful webinar is more than an information session—it’s a platform for engagement and an opportunity for conversions. It’s about striking the right balance between delivering value and fostering a connection. So, let’s approach our webinars with strategic thinking, communicate with clarity and purpose, and elevate our businesses by turning every webinar into an opportunity for growth and success!” - Bryan Rosenkrantz, CEO at Strikepoint Media

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