SaaS Breakthrough – Featuring Jenna Pipchuk and Jeff Lowe


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saas breakthrough episode with jenna pipchuk

About Jenna Pipchuk

Jenna Pipchuk is the EVP, CSO of SMART Technologies and is responsible for global sales. Jenna joined SMART in 2007 and has over 20 years of experience in technology. During her career, she lived in Europe for over 5 years and has worked globally for so long that her most common current location status is “in the air.” Jenna is known for transparent leadership, honed hiring skills, and building great teams. She started her career in Product Management and has helped bring many successful products to market for SMART.

saas breakthrough episode with jeff lowe

About Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe is the EVP, CMO & CHRO of SMART Technologies and is responsible for external brand strategy, marketing, communications, human resources, and facilities. He joined SMART in 2012 and has more than 30 years of experience at global brands, including IBM and TELUS, along with agency experience where he consulted on marketing strategy and planning across many industries. Jeff has a passion for people and culture and has been a leader in the transformation of SMART’s engagement success story.

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Show Notes

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">04:00</span>A Tech Company That Provides Educational Solutions Globally</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">04:35</span>The Catalyst Behind an Organizational Restructure and Mind Shift</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">06:30</span>Identifying Misalignment Signs Between How They Were Selling and How Buyers Were Buying</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">08:00</span>Creating a "unified commercial engine" With Five Key Roles and Three Enabling Units</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">12:35</span>The Secret Sauce and Pod Structure Used To Reassign New Roles and Responsibilities to 250 Team Members</div>
<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">15:50</span>Defining "uber metrics"</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">19:35</span>The Three Enabling Groups That Support the Entire Customer Journey</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">22:00</span>The "project heartbeat" for Better Customer Understanding and Knowledge</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">22:40</span>A Collaborative Culture That Now Self-Generates</div>

The happiness of the structure is amazing. It's now what I call a self-fulfilling structure. I used to have to search and hunt for collaborative skills, and interviewing. Now, we're such a collaborative culture. If you aren't of a collaborative nature, you don't fit in the culture. The culture now self generates itself. It's interesting like we do have new hires that join us in various parts of the organization that haven't been along for the journey, we have to remind ourselves that they haven't kind of been indoctrinated into the thinking of the uce and so it's traditional marketing or as traditional sales, and it's like okay, we we have to make sure we're bringing people along for the ride even when they join now. Because it's just not typical the way we team.

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">25:45</span>Touch Points, Circles, and Squares</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">27:25</span>Results: High Employee Engagement and Retention</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">30:00</span>A Few Setbacks and the Biggest Hurdle So Far</div>

<div class="podcast-note"><span class="podcast-note-time">31:35</span>Two Pieces of Advice for Anyone Wanting To Replicate This Initiative</div>

Embrace the gray. So traditionally you have a kind of a line and you segment, this is you know from a to b that's you and from b to c that's you. We don't do that anymore. We say, you're all a to c and we draw a line and says it just so happens you're mostly responsible on the a side and you're least responsible on the c side but you have to navigate and collaborate through that entire process to make sure that we complete the whole thing. And that means that you have to invest in more conversation. You have to invest in more shared ownership. It's a change in culture. But if you do nothing else but expand people's knowledge of the commercial process and expand their responsibility into more of a shared responsibility, I think you will see intense gains.


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