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Corrine Stratton


The event marketing industry is constantly evolving which can make it tough for event and field marketing professionals to stay up-to-date while also producing great B2B events. In an effort to help, we’ve rounded up our top 10 go-to event marketing blogs that help us stay in the loop. Have a great event marketing blog that we should know about? Send us an email at marketing@banzai.io.


One of the biggest challenges we hear about is measuring and demonstrating event ROI. Whether you are sponsoring a booth at a tradeshow or hosting in-person meetings, EventGeek offers great insight into generating and tracking ROI. In their recent blog, Our ROI from ExhibitorLive 2019, they share their own learnings from a major event sponsorship. EventGeek also covers event project management, navigating major corporate tradeshows, and more.


The Bizzabo blog has it all. They focus on topics ranging from event marketing to event engagement, to event management. They also produce the In-Person podcast that dives into actual events and how they were produced. We recommend checking out Bizzabo for their great event inspiration and event planning strategies.

Event Manager Blog

If you are looking for event trends, event technology reviews, and an eagle-eye view on the event industry as a whole, we suggest subscribing to Event Manager Blog. They release an annual report on 10 event trends impacting that industry and a yearly review of the event mobile app landscape. Event Manager Blog just released their free report, The Top Event Technology Tools and Trends for 2020.

Demand Gen Report

The whole Demand Gen Report website offers a plethora of information and resources around driving demand. Marketers in all disciplines can benefit from Demand Gen Report’s content. The blog features regular interviews with CMOs, event recaps, and traditional marketing topics like developing your buyer’s journey and campaign creation.

Event Tech Brief

Event Tech Brief is actually more of a newsletter than a blog. It was created to “assist event producers tasked with understanding the technology that powers events, create a neutral, no spin zone where the technology can be dissected and reviewed, and deliver the information that the event community needs to move events into the future”. Subscribe to get the latest, unbiased view of event technology.


The Antavo blog is written by some of the most knowledgeable people in loyalty marketing. Event marketers check out Antavo for insight on experiential marketing, retail loyalty programs, marketing psychology, and brands. Bookmark Antavo and learn how to transform the customer experience with events.


The Splash blog caters to both B2B and B2C events. They focus on trends such as sustainability and hosting inclusive events. They provide high-quality content for every part of event planning. Splash also partners with research firms such as HBR to produce powerful data that you can use to help influence your event marketing strategy.


Whether you’re producing a major user conference or a more intimate executive roundtable, the production value is a crucial aspect of your event. BizBash provides resources around production and strategy, style, catering, and more. They are a great resource for all event marketers and should be a must-read for anyone who is focused on experiential marketing.


Demio’s blog should be every marketer’s go-to resource for implementing an effective webinar strategy. Check out Demio to learn how to produce engaging webinars that don’t put your attendees to sleep. The blog offers actionable webinar tips and tricks that will set you up for continued event ROI.


We can’t write a resource post without mentioning the Banzai blog. Our goal is to be your ultimate event marketing resource. We provide content such as location guides, best practice webinars, and event marketing profiles. Our goal is to help you produce high-quality, lead-generating, B2B events.

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