Banzai Launches New Solution for Webinar Registrations


Corrine Stratton


SEATTLE, August 28, 2018 – Today Banzai announced the introduction of its second solution, Webinar Registrations. The Webinar Registration solution utilizes the Banzai Audience software platform that also powers Event Registration. The new product radically simplifies and automates the process of driving registration and attendance for webinars.

"Putting together all the pieces to drive targeted marketing qualified leads through webinars is really complex and time-consuming," said Joe Davy, Banzai CEO. "Banzai makes it easy and fast by putting audience-targeting, registration, calendar invitations, confirmations and reminders in a single, turnkey solution. This lets marketers focus on producing great content while we automate the headaches of driving registrations and MQLs to the webinar."

In the coming months, Banzai will expand the unique value of the Webinar Registration solution by integrating Banzai Audience with the leading webinar software providers and offering webinar-specific product functionality such as automated calendar invitations, link sharing, and broadcast-time reminders via email and SMS.

Over the past two years, Banzai has seen triple digit annual growth in its primary solution, Event Registration. More than 75 leading companies currently use Banzai’s Event Registration solution to automate registrations for their regional & field marketing events. For companies like Box, RingCentral, and VMware, Banzai automates the complex and cumbersome process of selecting a target audience, sending invitations, collecting registrations, and confirming and reminding attendees about their upcoming events.

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