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Banzai's Certified Partner Program offers B2B agencies a unique opportunity to win new clients, expand their existing clients, and scale their own business with a dedicated Banzai resource.

Driving business for both you and your clients? We call that a win-win.

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Are We A Good Match?

The Banzai Certified Partner Program is designed for B2B agencies, service providers, and other sellers that support marketers, sales, and customer experience leaders in driving growth for their business. It’s a good fit if your business provides:

Consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer experience strategy.

Hands on services in marketing, sales, or customer experience.

Our partnership equips us to offer clients interactive webinars, data-backed strategies, and a superior webinar platform. In a world full of sub-par webinar solutions that drown users in data without direction, Demio surfaces the actionable insights that our clients crave.

Mandy Thompson
Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Reach Online Solutions

A Few Banzai Perks

Earn Commission

Earn commission on every Banzai subscription you sell.


Participate in quarterly co-marketing activities with Banzai to expand your reach and build your growth.

Growth Support

Access a library of enablement resources, dedicated partner content, and an account manager to support you with marketing, sales, and more. Earn additional benefits through tiers - based on the success you've achieved for your customers using Banzai.


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