12 Proven Templates for Impactful Virtual Event Emails


Ever hosted a virtual event that felt like throwing a party where too few guests showed up? You're not alone. Many marketers pour time and resources into planning great virtual experiences only to end up with low signups and patchy attendance.

Even worse, if you don’t have the right follow-up, attendees who do engage during your event may lose interest in the aftermath, forgetting your key insights and offers.

Without effective communication matched to each event phase, you’ll miss major opportunities to nurture your leads, connect with your customers, and deliver strong ROI.

These email templates will help you get the job done.

What You'll Find Inside:

  1. Invitation email templates that draw a crowd
  2. Confirmation email templates to generate buzz
  3. Reminder email templates to build anticipation
  4. Templates for post-event emails that continue the conversation
  5. No show email templates to re-engage your audience
  6. Extra resources email templates for lasting impact