How to Cultivate Appreciation and Self-Care in Chaos


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March 31, 2022

11am ET | 8am PT

How to Cultivate Appreciation and Self-Care in Chaos

The teams at Banzai, livingHR, and Loop & Tie cultivated an hour of diligent self-care, and crucial discussion.

In times of extreme stress and chaos, it can feel unnatural and selfish to pause to take care of ourselves. And yet we know that without diligent care of ourselves, our ability to support the world around us is at risk.

In today’s world, self-care might look more like defining boundaries and separating from the 24-hours news cycle, than sheet masks and bubble baths. Whatever it looks like for you, you’re invited to this experience.

The teams at Banzai, livingHR, and Loop & Tie cultivated an hour of diligent self-care, and crucial discussion. In this session, we had conversations about practicing self-care in the workday, joined in a guided meditation, and hosted an AMA with the leading experts in self-care and wellness, BetterHelp, and Marvelus.

Those who attended live received a special gift from Loop & Tie.

How to Cultivate Appreciation and Self-Care in Chaos


Ashley Levesque, VP of Marketing, Banzai

Ashley Levesque grows teams and strategies that empower employees and transform businesses. In her time as a marketing and communications professional, she has built departments and functions from the ground up in industries ranging from manufacturing to SaaS. Her experience turning strategy into action makes her a vital asset for companies looking to grow quickly. At Banzai, Ashley is responsible for empowering marketing teams with the skills, tools, and confidence they need to connect more deeply with their prospects and customers - making marketing more human.

Melissa Hummelt, Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Operations Manager, BetterHelp

Melissa is a licensed psychotherapist and Clinical Operations Manager at BetterHelp, the largest online therapy platform. Prior to her role at BetterHelp, Melissa worked full-time as a therapist, helping hundreds of people from all walks of life with challenges including anxiety, relationship distress, self-esteem, depression, substance abuse, and navigating life transitions. She continues to work with a small caseload of clients through the BetterHelp platform. Melissa is passionate about making mental health treatment more affordable and accessible and was a Telehealth provider long before Covid made it the norm. On the weekend, you can find Melissa hiking with her husband, Jason and their rescue dog, Carson.

Natasha Porizkova, Leader of Brand Inclusion, livingHR

Natasha Porizkova (she/her/hers) is the Brand Inclusion Leader at livingHR. She is a content marketer gone DEI practitioner who, after years in arts marketing, discovered her true passion and calling was for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Now, she works to unite marketing, design, and DEI to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels represented.

Ryan Brown, Co-Founder, Marvelus

Ryan is the cofounder of Marvelus, a tech + lifestyle company that’s sparking a mental-emotional fitness revolution. After a decade of trying to burn brightly without burning out, Ryan desired a better way to fuel joy and performance. Seeking answers he immersed himself with meditation, coaching, personal development and more. During his quest, one insight became clear: it’s not what the day brings, it’s what you bring to the day. Since then, Ryan is dedicated to inspiring millions to live a marvelous life by helping them bring their best to every day.