Your Step-by-Step Guide To Calculating Event ROI


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May 24, 2022

Your Step-by-Step Guide To Calculating Event ROI

How to calculate event ROI and maximize their value for the metrics that matter.

The strongest tool in your content arsenal is the one that allows two-way conversations with your audience. There's no riddle here, the answer is events.

But even though events provide immense value, it can be hard to track and prove it.

You need tools, a goal, and above all, our step-by-step guide to calculating event ROI.

Join us in this on-demand event to get the insight you need to become an event pipeline hero.


Tiara is fully embracing a "10,000 years" mindset at Banzai, appreciating the value of experience within the SaaS industry and the following, inevitable mistakes that will lead to greater success when nurtured. Every day she's voraciously seeking ways to further define engagement marketing and encouraging the world to join the movement.