Virtual Events: The Show Must Go On


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April 21, 2021

Virtual Events: The Show Must Go On

Are you worried that your virtual events are just well-produced background noise? Learn how to create engaging experiences in our on-demand webinar.

A big part of B2B marketing are live events, and a lot of marketing teams are feeling the pain of adapting their in-person event strategy to the virtual world. The sheer number of events, even relevant and well-produced digital programs, run the risk of becoming ‘the TV in the background’ with attendees logged on but not paying attention. As marketers, this is incredibly disappointing because we put the work in to create content that is valuable to our audience and worthy of time and attention. So how do we make sure our virtual events continue to engage and impact our audience?

Join Michael Toedman, the Managing Director of Soho Syndicate in discussion with Banzai’s Corrine Stratton to discuss strategies to refresh and reframe your approach to virtual events. Al Samuels, CEO of Spark Creative will also join our 45-min discussion to share case studies of fun(ny) content from Spark Creative, who specialize in creating custom sketch content and musical parodies to make brand events more memorable and engaging.

Virtual Events: The Show Must Go On


Michael Toedman, Managing Director, Soho Syndicate

Albert Samuels, Founder, CEO, & Lead Facilitator, Spark Creative