Webinars That Convert


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March 2, 2022


Webinars That Convert

Tune in as we share a simple framework for crafting webinars that resonate emotionally and drive revenue.

You want webinars to forge deeper connections with your audience.

But your events don’t resonate the way you imagined.

❌  Webinars aren’t the problem

✔  The way you’re crafting webinar content is

In this session you'll learn a simple framework for crafting webinars that:

👉  Are all about your audience

👉  Resonate emotionally

💡  Inspire action & drive revenue

If your audience isn’t listening, the only option is to change what you’re saying.

Webinars That Convert


Ashley Levesque, VP of Marketing, Banzai

Ashley Levesque grows teams and strategies that empower employees and transform businesses. In her time as a marketing and communications professional, she has built departments and functions from the ground up in industries ranging from manufacturing to SaaS. Her experience turning strategy into action makes her a vital asset for companies looking to grow quickly. At Banzai, Ashley is responsible for empowering marketing teams with the skills, tools, and confidence they need to connect more deeply with their prospects and customers - making marketing more human.