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You’re not kicking leads over the fence anymore. Drive impact by growing, converting, retaining and measuring along the entire buyer’s journey.
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Achieving Event


Lead Generation

No more junk leads. No more wasted investment.

You want your event attendees to become your customers, right? Right. This starts with getting the right people in the room (or….screen…).

With Banzai Reach, you’re one step closer to ROI. We’ve got your back targeting the highest quality registrants, allowing you to feel more confident in your event success.

Check out our workbook for the key elements you need to drive event ROI.

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Pipeline Conversion

Bad events ruin deals.

Great events have the power to accelerate your pipeline momentum, driving leads from pessimistic to sold in less than 30 minutes. Bad events ruin your reputation, your brand, and your sales quotas.

The difference between a bad event and a good event? Engagement. If your audience isn’t participating in your event, then it’s not an event. It’s a blog post.

Check out our foolproof, on-demand webinar that shows you the difference.

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Customer Engagement

Make your customers look good.

You know marketing doesn’t stop at acquisition. Cultivating a successful relationship happens at every milestone you share with your customers. Your job is to make them look good, and we know you take that job seriously.

Work with Banzai to create quality experiences that make it easy to engage your customers, help them grow, and earn their loyalty.

Learn more about how events drive customer retention, upsells, and cross-sell opportunities.

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Measuring ROI

It’s Time to Measure What Actually Matters.

Your CEO calls you in and says, “What was the ROI for that event we did last quarter?” 😱 Fear no more. Turn data into insight and feel confident in your strategies.

Tracking only event attendance no longer cuts it. Track interest, engagement, participation, and more with Banzai’s solutions.

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