Non-Marketing Things Every Marketer Needs to Know


Being a marketer is hard. (There we said it!) With no two marketing roles being the same, marketers are continually challenged to learn and excel while also getting their everyday work done. So how do you do it while also having a social life, hanging with your family, relaxing, traveling, general life stuff, etc….?

In this webinar, Demio’s Ashley Levesque got marketers and event leaders to share their secrets on what non-work things help them be great at their jobs. Hear them answer some prompted (and non prompted) questions on how they maintain a work/life balance and avoid burnout while continuing to grow in their careers.

Webinar - Non-Marketing Things Every Marketer Needs to Know; May 20 2021 at 11am PT


Ashley Levesque

Ashley Levesque, Director of Marketing, Demio

Katie Ray

Katie Ray, Community Events and Engagement Manager, Sales Hacker

Nick Bennett, Director of Account Based and Field Marketing, Alyce