How Marketers Can Shift From Physical to Virtual Events Successfully


One of the biggest challenges marketers face because of COVID-19 is the need to rapidly shift from physical, in-person events to virtual events and conferences. Using Behavioral Science (the study of how people really make decisions), Next Step created a framework marketers can follow to successfully attract people to their digital events, engage them during the virtual event and follow up post-event.

In this live webinar Shirin Oreizy, CEO of Next Step will cover:

  • How you can leverage Behavioral Science to get more interest for your virtual events
  • How to fill the gap that conferences and in-person events have created for lead generation and brand awareness
  • How to rethink your typical event engagement strategy to keep attendees engaged during and after the event
  • Which Behavioral Science principles you should use to garner interest in your event and which you can infuse into the event itself
  • Q&A


Shirin Oreizy, Founder and CEO of Next Step