Webinar Statistics 2024


Ashley Levesque

In 2023, Banzai customers hosted more than 800,000 webinars using Demio, over 20% more than in 2022. In keeping with our practice of providing benchmarks on webinars across dozens of industries, this report synthesizes data from those 800,000+ webinars to identify the metrics that matter, the factors that drive more engagement and how it affects the creation of impactful webinars.

Before we dive in, here’s some important context: When many people hear “webinar,” they think of a rote, formulaic, boring experience, but these virtual events have evolved to adapt to the times. As we break down which elements and tactics product the most fruitful results, we’ll share best practices for different types of webinars. Let’s start with some quick definitions.

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Clarifying the Webinar Umbrella

Live Webinar – real-time webinar with real-time interaction

On-Demand Webinar – pre-recorded webinar, available any time (immediately after registration). Polls, Featured Actions, and Handouts can be scheduled to fire off automatically at specific times during the webinar.

Automated Webinar – pre-recorded webinar scheduled for a specific date and time, with the option to join live so you can engage with attendees via chat in real time. Polls, Featured Actions, and Handouts can be scheduled to fire off automatically at specific times during the webinar.

Increase Attendance With Strong Content and Automatic Notifications

Job #1 is getting more people to attend an event. Our attendance rate metric reflects a “show-up percent” based on the number of people who attend versus the number of registrants.

Webinar Attendance Rate by Industry

Attendance Rate Varies Significantly by Industry

We analyzed attendance rates in the industries that conducted the most webinars (across all formats) with Demio in 2023. With information vital to patient health, pharmaceuticals, enjoyed the highest attendance rate at 50%. At the low end were Internet Software & Services (28%), Diversified Capital Markets (20%), and Education Services (20%). If you’re in one of these industries take extra efforts to boost your attendance.

Webinar Attendance Rate by Company Size

Larger Companies Attract More Attendees; Start-ups Must Be Creative

The data shows that larger companies have more attendees while smaller brands struggle to secure audiences. Start-ups with less than $1 million in revenue have half the attendance rate of companies with $1--$10 million in revenue, and the rate increases for those with revenue over $10 million.

There was no significant difference in attendance rate by company size when revenue exceeded $100 million. It is worth noting though that brands with over $1 billion run three times more webinars on average than others. With more events and strong attendance rates, this unsurprisingly means that the largest companies command more attention.

Companies $1B+ run 3X more webinars compared to others.
Social media marketing cycle diagram

Smaller Companies Need to Be Particularly Creative With Webinar Content to Compete for Attention in the Market

We call it a Virtuous Cycle of Webinars; when content is strong, attendance increases. Due to strong showings, marketers run more webinars, which provides content that can be repurposed in new formats such as automated webinars, white papers, videos and more. That, in turn, increases ROI, which, if invested into marketing, creates a virtuous cycle.

Live webinar attendance rate with Demio email notifications

Email Notifications (From Demio) Boost Attendance Rates

Regardless of company size, attendance rate increases when brands use email notifications. (Note: Findings are based on the 800,000 webinars conducted using Demio this year; they do not include reminders sent from other systems.)

On-Demand Is the Most Popular Webinar Format and Earns Higher Focus Rates

Webinars per customer

Many more on-demand webinars were conducted with Demio than live ones in 2023, with the average number per Demio customer being 27 (versus 9 live).

Webinar focus rate by event type

It’s Harder to Focus Attendees During Live Webinars (You Need to Engage Them Even More)

Live webinars provide immediacy and the benefit of real-time content. Yet, when attendees participate in live webinars, they typically do so during busy workhours when they are more likely to be distracted. That explains why focus rates are lower (74.2%) during live webinars versus on-demand webinars (86.3%).

This does NOT suggest you should avoid running webinars during the day, however. When people take time out of their schedule to attend during work hours, it means they are very interested in the topic (which is a good indicator of future action).

However, that also heightens the need to engage attendees during live webinars.

Polls Increase Attendee Focus

Engaged webinar attendees are more likely to take action, but how do you keep people focused so they can reach that next step? The data shows a measurable increase in attendee focus when polls are used, regardless of the webinar format. The mere expectation of a poll can boost audience attention. Neuroscience shows that our brains release dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, motivation, and learning) before we receive a reward. Higher dopamine levels are associated with greater focus, but again, it’s the anticipation that triggers the neurotransmitter’s release in the brain. Polls are rewarding in that they’re fun, engaging, and provide insight on what others think. We suggest announcing them early on in a webinar so the anticipation keeps attendees tuned in. Studies also show that reward uncertainty can trigger even more dopamine: When people participate in these brief surveys, they often wonder, “Will others feel the same way I do?” This creates psychological uncertainty, which can further increase dopamine levels.

Focus rate in live webinars

On-Demand and Live webinars experienced the same results.

Featured Actions Increase Attendee Focus

Directionally, we also see a boost in Focus Rates when webinars employ Featured Actions. (In Demio, Featured Actions are live URL call to actions that populate during the webinar session, prompting attendees to act). For example, webinar hosts may use Featured Actions to drive audience members to a “book a demo” web page, a blog post, a meeting page, or any other URL they choose. In 2023, there were more than 655,000 Featured Action clicks across all sessions run on Demio. If chosen wisely, Featured Actions can indicate intent (e.g. Are your attendees interested in learning more? Are they ready to take the next step?). Identifying their position in the sales funnel helps marketers and sales teams better manage follow-ups after the webinar ends.

We analyzed data for the industries that conducted the most webinars in 2023, across all formats. There were a number of industries with high focus rates (above 90%) and two with much lower rates: Internet Software & Services and Human Resources.

Webinar focus rate by industry

Which Industries Have the Highest and Lowest Focus Rates?

We analyzed data for the industries that conducted the most webinars in 2023, across all formats. There were a number of industries with high focus rates (above 90%) and two with much lower rates: Internet Software & Services and Human Resources.

The First Third of a Webinar Sees Significant Drop-Off

Drop-offs in the first third of webinar

Overly long webinar intros and excessive background information are a snooze fest that encourage an early exit for attendees. Our analysis shows that more than half of all webinar participants drop off before 90% of it is completed. Specifically, all webinar formats experience significant drop-off during the first third of the session. When promoting your webinar, mention the inclusion of polls, handouts, etc., so attendees can look forward to a highly engaging session and materials they can take away. It also helps when speakers tease the engaging and high-value aspects early on so the audience stays longer. For example, let attendees know up front that polls, surprise speakers, big “aha moments,” or prize giveaways will occur later in the webinar or near the end. This is especially crucial for live webinars, which tend to have a higher drop-off rate since they typically happen during busy work-day hours.

Wrapping It Up

Each type of webinar (live, on-demand, and automated) plays a unique role in your event strategy. Whether it's leveraging the immediacy of live webinars to engage with audiences in real time or utilizing the convenience of on-demand sessions to reach a broader audience, you can capitalize on their individual advantages to progress your overarching goals, driving greater success. You have a ton of competition vying for the attention of your audience, the challenge of keeping them engaged continues. However, our data shows that Polls, Featured Actions, and careful timing can increase attendee focus and engagement. We’re here to help, with webinar solutions for different needs, all powered by extensive data so you can analyze trends, understand audience behaviors, and tailor your strategies accordingly. The only limit is your own creativity, and with Demio, you’ll find it easier to let those ideas flourish.