Drive ROI With Engaging Virtual Events.

Ready to be a pipeline hero? Learn how to create virtual events that people LOVE (not like your competitors' events - everyone's leaving in the middle of those).

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Ready to be the

pipeline hero?

Leverage Banzai’s event platforms to transform your bored registrants into paying customers.


Connect with new audiences, increase brand awareness and sales opportunities by getting qualified butts in seats at your virtual events.


Create easy-to-use, engaging webinars with the highest rated webinar platform built for marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

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You sent out 5,000 email invites for your virtual event.

Why didn’t they register?

You spent weeks planning your virtual event. Make sure your target audience shows up.

Drive More Registrants


Most of your webinar attendees fell asleep.

What was your conversion rate?

Running boring webinars won’t convert your attendees to customers. Engage and delight your audience while impacting your bottom line.

Run Engaging Webinars


Want to drive ROI through your marketing?

It’s time to embrace engagement marketing.

Banzai’s virtual event solutions help elevate virtual events through relationship-building, two-way communication technologies, and virtual event tools that help you truly measure ROI.

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Join the Movement.

Make marketing more human, with us.

Marketers of the Movement create the human kind of marketing that focuses on building relationships through two way communication channels (like events), and engagement marketing.

We put our customer at the center of their own buying experience and measure the emotional states that guide buyers toward their desired outcome.