Get the Most Out of Your Banzai Experience

banzai experience

So you’re new to Banzai. Welcome! Next up, creating quality pipeline through your event marketing program.

After supporting thousands of events, the Banzai team has learned a thing or two about what it takes to produce successful events that accelerate pipeline and create revenue opportunities.

Here are our best practices for getting the most out of your Banzai experience:

Virtual event best practices

  • Add your event 3+ weeks before the event date.
  • Offer a recording and a copy of the presentation to all registrants.
  • Include information about your speakers and/or guests in your outreach and on your registration pages.

In-person event best practices

  • Add your event 4-5+ weeks before the event date.
  • Ask for Banzai’s help when planning locations! We can pull contact counts for different cities so you can get a better idea of where your target audience is located.  

Universal best practices

  • Keep your audience profile as broad as possible, but still targeted to people who will be interested in your event and who you’ll be interested in talking to afterwards.
  • Create engaging content - Is this an event you would want to attend?
  • Finalize your event name, description & agenda. This information auto-populates your Banzai Registration Page.
  • Add a branded cover photo to your registration page.
  • Offer incentives for attending (gifts/gift cards).
  • Look at Banzai as an extension of your team and make it a part of your overall event marketing strategy.

Key conditions for Banzai success

Have a dedicated Banzai owner

A dedicated Banzai champion on your team will expedite adoption and make sure Banzai becomes a core part of your event marketing strategy.

Momentum is key

Work with the adoption team to get started with Banzai right away. The sooner you get set up and launch your first event within Banzai, the sooner you’ll be creating and influencing pipeline.

Stay Consistent

Working with Banzai is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important to spend the first two weeks actively getting comfortable within the Banzai platform, setting up your events, and working with your Banzai adoption team to schedule check-ins and post-event follow-ups. We recommend adding a steady stream of events (4-6 events) during your first 90 days so you can begin to see registration and attendance trends and receive individualized recommendations for your event strategy.

Other Resources to Help Get Started with Banzai:

Did you produce a great event with Banzai? We want to hear about it! Send a note to and let us know what made your event successful.