Our 5 Favorite Marketing Podcasts


Corrine Stratton


At Banzai, we love listening to podcasts. Whether it’s a true crime series or a weekly comedy talk show, podcasts are a great way to relax, laugh, and learn. Marketing podcasts are a handy tool for diving into the many different aspects of marketing. In less than an hour, you can have a new set of tools that take your marketing program to the next level. Here is a brief roundup of a few of our favorite marketing podcasts.

Actionable Marketing Podcast

Actionable Marketing is just what is sounds like. This 30-ish minute podcast provides marketing tips and tricks that you can apply to your strategy as soon as you're done listening. There are more than 100 episode with topics ranging from agile marketing, to content strategy, to even how to launch your own podcast. It is a fun listen with awesome actionable insights.

Growth Mapping Podcast

This podcast is short, sweet, and to the point. Aaron Agius and Sujan Patel are marketing experts that cover a wide range of topics that can be applied to both B2B and B2C companies. It only took 2 minutes listening to realize this podcast is worth subscribing to. Favorite episodes so far include:

Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom is a great option for marketing leaders who are looking to grow in all aspects of their professional life. This podcast covers a bunch of different topics and even has a variety of formats and hosts. Learn about building products and teams, hear from leading CMOs, get incredible insights into why brand matters, and more. This podcast is a must listen for marketers at every stage of their professional journey,

Catalyst, the Podcast on Experiential Marketing

Event marketing is all about creating brand experiences. That is often easier said than done. Experiential marketing is constantly evolving and it is hard to keep up. Catalyst is the go-to resource for staying on top of the latest event trends. Check it out to hear from event leaders and learn about different ways to transform your event experience.

The Pipeline Podcast

Ok, we may be a little biased on this one, but we truly believe the Pipeline Podcast is a go-to resource for all marketers. Banzai CEO, Joe Davy interviews marketing and industry leaders to learn about their career journey. The interviews range from startup CEOs to Fortune 100 marketing experts. Pipeline guests offer their unique perspectives on what it takes to make it in marketing.

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