7 Pre-Event Details You Should NEVER Miss


Matt Hallerman


Organizing and hosting an event takes a lot of planning, and there are tons of details to keep straight. The following seven details should be at the top of your priority list.

Know who your target audience is

You can’t possibly market to everyone. Stay laser-focused on your core customer segment. Quality over quantity is the key to a successful event.

Build and execute a pre-event engagement plan

Keep your attendees engaged leading up the event. Get your speakers involved to promote their sessions, highlight keynotes and special activities in regular emails. You will create a lasting impression on your attendees before they event set foot in the door.

Remind your attendees

Don’t wait until the day before the event to remind your attendees. Provide a meeting invite that attendees can put on their calendars. Send reminder emails asking attendees to confirm their attendance. Dedicate an individual or a team (depending on large your event is) is to call your registrants to remind them. Don’t forget to include detailed logistical information to make it easy for your attendees to prepare and arrive. If it’s in your budget, you could offer a ride-share voucher valid for an hour before and after your event. This makes it easy and safe for your attendees to attend your event.

Source relevant speakers

This will be a main selling point of your event so spend the time to identify influential speakers. Not only will a compelling speaker drive more registrations, they will improve attendance rates and engagement during and after the event.

Consider giveaways

Never underestimate the power of a great freebie. Every loves free stuff, but they’ll be a lot more likely to remember your event if you take the time to hand out a high quality favor. Hoodies, coffee mugs and backpacks are a good place to start. Also, raffling off a high-priced item will also drive registration up and attrition down.

Set clear objectives & identify important KPIs

Ensure there are clear objections and everyone is working towards the same goal. As a part of the objection-setting process, set key KPIs such as attrition, cost per attendee, ROI and attendee satisfaction.

Plan an efficient check-in process

Not only is it important to track who on the registration list attends the event, it is important to streamline the process as well.

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